What is the executive desk?

- Jul 19, 2018-

1. Made of natural solid wood board as the main raw material, solid wood office furniture is higher.

2. Office furniture made of non-precious plates such as fiberboard and particleboard. The materials in this series belong to the middle and high-grade.

3. Office furniture products made of artificial wood materials such as artificial boards (such as MFC boards, MDF, etc.) are mainly medium-grade.

4. Other materials are non-wood materials, the quality is also high or low, such as painted glass, aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel, fabric, etc., according to the scarcity and price of the material itself to judge.

The first-class office furniture design must reach the recognized high-end, except that the materials of the office furniture itself are selected natural, harmless and pollution-free, and the design, style and art design of the furniture itself need to be recognized by people. There is also high-end office furniture can not lose its intended use value, in terms of functionality must be people-oriented, convenient people's habits.