What is the characteristics of spa beds, spa beds and how to use them?

- May 23, 2018-

The spa bed is a kind of massage equipment suitable for spas, bath centers, foot baths and other places. It is mainly based on the strong aerobic water column and the release of ultrasonic energy on the back of the mattress. It vibrates the shoulder, back, waist, lower legs and soles of the human body. It eventually eliminates soreness, relaxation and recovery of fatigue in different parts of the body. Effect.


 There are twelve water jet nozzles around the spa bed, providing a hydromassage to the body, soothing and relaxing. Surf Jacuzzi: Instead of bulky casks, fully enjoy various flower baths and milk baths. The massage body bed replaces the traditional massage bed, rinses, exfoliates the body, and does not need to be displaced in one step. The humanized bed board is designed according to the principle of human body lines, which realizes the close combination of the human body and the pad and is more comfortable. The mattress and the bed can be separated, and the mattress can be removed to create a luxurious bathtub, saving space.


1. Turn on the hydropower before work, fill the water to clean the water bed, and drain the water in the water bed;

2. Close the drain switch, adjust the temperature of the hot and cold water, and start to discharge water to the water bed. The amount of water must exceed the massage nozzle to activate the water pump motor start switch. At this time, the massage nozzle starts to spray water;

3, when the water in the water bed drops to 2 or 3cm below the massage nozzle, the water inlet switch must be turned on, while water is added, while jet massage to avoid damage to the water pump motor due to lack of water;

4. After every use of the spa bed, please open the water bed drain valve, drain the remaining water, and drain the water. After cleaning, close the water source and drain valve to prepare for the next use.