What are the types of chairs?

- Aug 08, 2018-

Coffee chair

The Coffee Chair designed by Korean designer Sunhan Kwon designed the back of the chair as a silhouette of a coffee cup, and the handle part of the cup can be used to hang clothes, bags and the like. Available in black, white and brown, it is ideal for cafés.


The general name of the backrest chair with armrests, except for the ring chair and the chair, the rest are called armchairs. The style and decoration are simple and complicated, and often combined with the coffee table, with four chairs and two on the sides of the hall, for symmetrical display.

Massage chair

The principle of the massage chair is to imitate the artificial massage, but it uses the mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to squeeze the massage. The massage chair can perform deep massage along the spine according to the human body curve by using various massage techniques such as swinging, finger pressing, pinching, and pushing. When people sit in a massage chair and enjoy the whole body relaxing, it is as if someone is squatting and squatting for them.

Swivel chair

The upper part is not much different from the style of the general chair. However, there is a shaft part called “single leg” under the seat surface, so the human body can rotate freely when it is seated. The age of the swivel chair is not too early, it is a kind of seat that Chinese furniture absorbs the foreign style earlier.

Rocking chair

A chair that can swing back and forth. Han Beiping, “The Story of the African Night Club·Emirates”: “He sat in the rocking chair after holding the hand with us.” A study showed that the swinging beat that people are most likely to fall asleep is basically the same as the heartbeat frequency, 67 times per minute. It is based on the results of this research that the swing bed is swayed by about 5 cm, and gradually slows down and finally stops swinging.

Wicker chair

Bamboo is made of various chair frames, and various chairs made of vine-tang tangled frame. Correspondingly, there are varieties such as rattan chairs, rattan chair, and rattan chair. The rattan chair is both breathable and flexible. It is best to choose a chair with a backrest and put an ottoman so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent ischemia of the lower limbs.

Circle chair

The circle chair was developed from the chair. The most obvious feature is that the back of the ring is attached to the armrest, from high to low, and down, the seat can make the arms lean against the ring-shaped armrests, which is very comfortable and quite popular. The shape is round and beautiful, and the body is full and strong. It is one of the unique chair styles of our nation. Later, it gradually developed into a circle chair for indoor use. It differs from the chair in that it does not use crossed legs, but uses four feet, with wooden boards as the face, and the chassis of the ordinary chair is not much different. Only the upper part of the chair still retains the shape of the chair. Most of these chairs are arranged in pairs, and not many are placed separately. Because the chair ring of the circle chair is curved, it is more coordinated with the round material. Most of the circle chairs are made of photonics. They only emboss a simple set of textures in the middle of the backboard, but they are very shallow. The back plates are made into an "S" shape curve, which is made according to the curve of the human spine bone, and is a typical example of the science of Ming style furniture.

Lounge chair

The recliner is one of the new styles and functional furniture that appeared in the Qing Dynasty. The end-time craftsmanship and skills of the feudal society in China have been continuously improved. People pay more and more attention to the quality of life. The classification of living utensils is getting finer and finer, and the furniture is also produced accordingly. A new breed like a lounge chair.

There are many other names for the recliner. The "sleeping chair", "warm chair", "free chair", "spring chair", etc. are all different names for a certain type of recliner.

The materials used in modern reclining chairs can be: mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, and the like.

Folding chair

For many centuries, folding chairs have been considered one of the most important pieces of furniture and a symbol of social status. In ancient civilizations, folding chairs were not only used for seating, but also used in various formal occasions and ceremonies. Among the furniture of ancient Egypt, folding chairs are listed as one of the most important furniture.


Where the chair does not have a handrail, it is called a chair. Due to the changes in the brain and backrest, the backrest chair often has many styles and different names.

Fitness chair

The area is small, the collection is convenient for morning and evening sports, and it is convenient to use. The special design of the ab fitness chair allows you to perform a wider range of sports for a surprising effect! In addition, the handle part is changed to steel pipe, 4 draw belts, and the foot part is changed to length and length, which is more ergonomically designed and more practical. There is also a new 5-speed activity latch, which can be fixed as an ordinary seat. It can be used as a household item, a pinch, and a fitness chair. Added a device to exercise the calf and a pedal.

Multifunctional chair

The multifunctional massage chair is a recliner that uses a microcomputer to control a more comprehensive health care. It has a comprehensive massage function of rolling, tapping and soft-kneading, which can eliminate the fatigue of work time. It adopts a movement track that matches the curve of the back of the human body, and has a leg vibration or a rolling massage function. You can choose from a variety of different massage methods and massage areas to achieve the desired massage effect.

Fast food chair

A chair for dining in a fast food restaurant. Divided into materials: solid wood chair, steel wood chair, curved wood chair, aluminum alloy chair, metal chair, rattan chair, plastic chair, fiberglass chair, acrylic chair, plate chair and so on. 80% of the fast food chairs used in fast food restaurants are steel wood chairs, and the most representative of the steel wood chairs used in fast food restaurants is KFC tables and chairs.