What are the product categories for office furniture?

- Jul 21, 2018-

What are the product categories for office furniture?

As an important branch of the furniture industry, office furniture has certain social characteristics. Its type, function, form, style and manufacturing level reflect the social life and working methods of a country and region in a certain historical period. The level of civilization reflects the social life and working style of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of social material civilization, and is also the epitome of a certain way of life and work. With the progress and development of the society, in order to meet the needs of people's office, office furniture creates a new variety and new style of furniture, which is unprecedented in many times, helping people to create a more comfortable, more beautiful, more scientific and culturally rich art. Work environment and living environment. Another characteristic of modern office furniture is the diversification of materials, structure, process technology and diversification of styles, resulting in a wide variety of office furniture, various forms, increasing use functions, and expanding application environment. Office furniture can be divided into desks, office chairs, storage, screens, conference tables and squat furniture according to the needs of people and the use of the place.

Writing desk

The desk type can generally range from desks to clerks. The specifications should be diversified and serialized, requiring smooth and smooth lines and elegant colors. Graded according to scale, materials and process. The desks vary in material and shape depending on the user. The executive desk is generally made of solid wood. It is thick and atmospheric, and can be used to present the identity of the user. It consists of the main table, side cabinets and movable cabinets. The shift table and the small desk are mainly composed of the main table, the side cabinet and the movable cabinet, but the size specifications are relatively small. The function of the activity cabinet is mainly to supplement the function of the table frame. The desktop shape has a linear shape, an L shape, and is supported by a cabinet or directly supported by a pillar.

There is a clear distinction between the clerical desk and the class desk, which is more inclined to be practical, economical, and tidy in group. The desks of senior executives are often designed to be luxurious, stylish, and even simply use the size of the desktop as an endorsement.

Office chair

In modern office furniture, chairs are an important category. There are two main types of office chairs: one is a five-star swivel chair, including an executive chair and a general office swivel chair, most of which have armrests. The other type is wooden chairs, which are also divided into two categories: armrests and no armrests. Office wooden chairs are different from dining chairs. Generally, the backrest is low, mostly soft seat and soft backrest. In addition to being able to be used with a desk, it can also be used for conference rooms. The basic function of the chair is to support the human body and provide a sitting function. However, the higher level of the office chair is required to be used in both work and rest. Therefore, office chairs generally have a tilting and lifting function to achieve this requirement. The lifting and lowering of the office chair is realized by the air pressure bar, and the tilting structure is realized, and is divided into a front type, a center type and a synchronous tilting.

Screen type

The screen originated in Germany, but it was carried forward in the United States. The main body of the screen adopts a metal frame structure and cooperates with various detachable panels to greatly improve the function and appearance of the product. The screen partition divides the office space into several units to reduce mutual interference without affecting the connection. Low-profile partitions for partitioning and enclosing spaces are important furniture accessories in a screen-style office. Most of the screens are made of lightweight materials. The frame can be made of aluminum alloy, plastic, composite steel and wood. The screen can be embedded with cloth, veneer, steel mesh, glass, etc. The screen card is composed of a screen panel, a screen frame and an office work position. The screen accessories include a panel panel, an adjustment foot, and a support foot. The main functions of the screen are reflected in the group and the compartment, and the line function is another important function of the screen. Large-capacity multi-directional line storage design meets the growing development of office automation. The screen can be achieved by internal routing, by means of transfer struts and skirting.

Conference table

The conference table can be divided into conference tables suitable for conferences of different sizes or negotiation tables for business negotiations. The height is the same as that of the desk, the size of the table can be large or small, the large conference table is a combination type, and the small conference table and the negotiation table are mostly single-piece large panels. The design of the conference table is based on the number of users and the width that no one has to. The shape of the conference table is very simple, the sides of the table are thicker, so that it can be balanced with the large-scale table. A partition can be placed under the table to place small items with or without a partition.