What are the differences between European and American furniture?

- May 19, 2018-

American furniture: upstart representative of high-end American furniture

American furniture is generally rough atmosphere, heavy materials, design does not rigidly adhere to a single style, in the simple engraving texture can also be seen in the traditional European taste.

In addition, American furniture emphasizes individuality, functionality, and comfort. This has become a new feature of American furniture. It has been a model of low-key luxury, restrained elegance, and is fundamentally different from European monotonous luxury. From the furniture style of Bari Barth, it can be seen that American is more forward-looking, changeable and fashionable. The luxurious materials and workmanship make it possess a luxurious temperament, which can be described as an upstart option in the post-luxury era. It is not difficult to see that the advantage of European furniture lies in history. The advantage of American furniture lies in inheritance and innovation.

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European Furniture: Historically Precipitating Traditional "Luxury"

At the end of the last century, a large number of European furniture brands appeared in the domestic furniture market, with many main features such as "luxury", "honorable" and "court".

The so-called European luxury, mostly based on European history and culture, is reflected in the design of home paintings, etc. It mostly follows Rococo, Byzantine and other design styles to process and package furniture.

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European-style furniture has a strong atmosphere of court, gold and silver strokes, bright dazzling, many consumers advocating European culture have a strong interest in it.