What are the craftsmanship styles of Americans?

- Aug 02, 2018-

  1. American furniture emphasizes practicality everywhere

Don't look at the American flower, but almost all American flowers are very practical. For example, there are tables dedicated to sewing, and large dining tables that can be lengthened or broken into small tables are also common. For example, many American-style functional sofas are grayish, and the picture is forbidden to dirty, free to wash and wash.

2. the fine details of American furniture are exquisite

The large size of the American flower can not hide the ingenuity of the details. For example, the hardware decoration of American flowers is often very elegant. There are hundreds of styles in a small handle. These gadgets make American furniture more style.

Carefully compare the details of American and European furniture. You will find that American furniture is dominated by a single color, while European furniture is mostly decorated with gold or other colors.

3. the American furniture furniture is the oldest the better

American furniture is more historical than those bright furniture, because it loves the old craftsmanship, the original radiant furniture surface, deliberately leaving traces of the knife engraving, it seems that with too many years of feeling, the paint applied is also dim Matte color, the exclusion of the bright surface is also derived from the hope that the furniture looks older and better.