What are the classification of plate office furniture plate

- Jun 16, 2018-

The plates of office furniture in circulation on the market can be divided into the following categories:

 The melamine finishes will be printed decoration paper surface markings, into melamine impregnated melamine, made into melamine clam paper, and then high temperature hot pressed on the plate substrate. Because it requires high flatness on the surface of the substrate, it is generally used for the surface decoration of particleboard and medium density fiber. The type of melamine cyanide-laminated veneer is generally called melamine cyanide board. It has a strong sense of appearance and texture. It is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. It is suitable for production. It is mainly used for plate-type office furniture. Manufacturing. The thickness of the decoration paper of melamine cyanide board is divided into the weight (gram weight). There are the points of imported paper and domestic paper. The ink of the exterior printing is divided into the imported ink and the domestic ink, and its function is also very different. According to the different dipping process, it is divided into all three ammonia rubber and semi-three ammonia rubber, and the wear resistance coefficient of semi-tri-ammonia is not as good as that of all three ammonia. According to the heat-pressure of the decoration paper, the steel plate is divided into smooth, matte, embossed, cloth-patterned, corrugated, rain-silk, and so on. Solid wood veneer wood veneer veneer veneer: The wood veneer is affixed to the MDF/chipboard/multi-layer solid wood board by high-temperature hot press, and becomes a solid wood veneer veneer. Because veneer is divided into imported and domestic, The value of precious wood and general wood can be selected to be larger, so the bumps on the surface of the wood veneer are determined based on the material type and thickness of the solid wood. The surface of solid wood veneer must be painted. Because veneer and paint are different, the same kind of veneer can make different effects. Therefore, veneer veneers have higher requirements for veneers and paints. The solid wood veneer board is the most important decoration method for high-grade furniture used at home and abroad because of its natural and high-level feel. However, relative materials and manufacturing costs are relatively high. Nowadays, a kind of technology veneer is prevailing in the country, and its texture is natural, with complicated markings, no chromatic aberration, and a large format scale, and it is highly favored by consumers.

Cat's Eye Paper Finish Cat's Eye Paper is a relatively thin decoration paper (also called Boeing film), and its material is mostly PVC. It is sealed with white latex glue on the exterior of the furniture. Due to the ease of milling and styling, it is primarily used for exterior facing of medium density fiberboard. With a cat's eye paper finish, poor wear resistance, easy to leave scratches, easy to discolor the bubble, but relatively low cost, is now the preferred method of furniture for many products in China.

Solid wood veneer, fireproof panel veneer will be solid wood veneer (exterior need to be painted on site), fireproof board with glue on the above several types of substrate, mainly for the field of wood craft production of wood for some exterior finishes. Because in the bonding of all-purpose glue with a very large amount of glue, the smell is very red, very environmentally friendly, due to the quality of the use of effective, different sizing and posting process, it is easy to come out foaming and shedding. Given the above classification of plate-type work furniture plates, when we purchase plate-type office furniture, should we choose environmental protection office furniture plates? First and foremost, one must look at the level of environmental protection and the flatness of the plates. What we need to understand is the current environmental rating of domestic steel sheets. The environmental protection level is divided into three levels. The highest environmental protection level is E0, followed by the E1 level. The level of the board is the grade that can be used for interior decoration. The national minimum environmental standard for sheet metal is E2. Therefore, at the time of picking plates, we must pay attention to the environmental protection level of the plates. The higher the level of plates, the less damage to the human body, and it will not even cause any harm to the human body. In other words, the surface of a good plate is lubricated and flat, while the black plated and broken plates are uneven. In the end, what needs to be done is to use your nose. Even though our nose is not a dog, you can smell the smell of red nose from the dark heart of the plate and it will even make you cry. So smelling odors, though old-fashioned, is simple and useful.