What are the characteristics of the executive chair?

- Aug 11, 2018-

What is an executive chair?

The executive chair has a comfortable seat, stylish appearance and decent design. It is the best choice for office managers, senior executives, supervisors and administrative staff, office areas, staff areas and families.

The fabric of the executive chair is leather, artificial leather (PU leather), linen or mesh fabric. The executive chair has strong air permeability, good resilience, great pulling force, no deformation, no aging, and a ergonomic advantage according to the sitting posture of the human body.

The most commonly used executive chair on the market is basically not much different from the computer chair. It usually consists of the following parts:

Roller, five-jaw, gas bar, chassis, seat, armrest, backrest, pillow.

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What are the characteristics of the executive chair?

The executive chair is one of the many series of office furniture. The most common one is the leather executive chair, which is made of imported top layer leather, high quality double function chassis, mahogany color chair legs, iron-lined frame; mahogany handrail and red work decoration. The back of the chair, the central tilting function; and the custom-made high-strength hexagon socket screws, plus aerospace special dispensing, multiplying the seat stability, not easy to tilt, high-density sponge; air pressure lifting adjustment, using advanced human principles Design, natural texture is strong, so the daily office chair is essential.

The executive chair is generally very comfortable, but if you want to keep your waist and neck in front of the computer, first, when you are resting, you need to make a separate order. In spite of this, you have to work for a while and take a break. No way.