What are the characteristics of green office furnitures?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Green office furniture is of course based on materials that tend to be natural and contain no harmful substances.

1, green office home has a healthy feature

Green environmental protection furniture basically emits formaldehyde, benzene series (benzene, xylene) substances that endanger human health. When it is in production, it strictly follows the measurement of various environmental protection factors, such as Shihuan Certification, CQC China Environmental Protection Product Certification, CQTA Quality Inspection Certificate, and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

2, green office home has a durable feature

Green office furniture is strictly controlled in production, each process is done, the overall cycle is extended, the product quality is higher, and it is more durable, reducing the energy consumption of reprocessing.

3, green office home has a comfortable feature

Green office furniture is designed according to ergonomics, focusing on people-oriented, the overall material is more comfortable and fit human health.