What are the benefits of looking for an office furniture custom factory

- Jun 16, 2018-

In today's society, furniture customization occupies a large market share, because it can not only reasonably use the various spaces in the home, but also can match the entire home environment, and can be customized according to the characteristics of the owner, fully reflecting the owner’s Grade. It may be that many people don’t know much about custom furniture in the whole house, so today Xiao Bian gave us a brief introduction about what is the whole house custom furniture and what advantages it has. Let's take a look!

First, what is the whole house custom furniture

The renovation of new homes is now a headache for many people. The first is the long decoration period, and sometimes the project can last as long as six months, seriously affecting the work and days of consumers. Second, there are too many things to buy and worry about, and sometimes it is often scammed as a layman. The proposal of the whole house customization concept greatly simplifies the entire renovation process and integrates planning so that consumers do not have to go to the east. The West Run is a piece of land and it has saved a lot of time together with all the advantages.

Second, the advantages of whole house custom furniture

1, combined with the day habit

With the continuous development of science and technology, consumers pay more and more attention to daily tasting. On the basis of practicality, the value of art and aesthetic function are also increasingly prominent. As an upgraded version of the entire furniture, the whole house has outstanding customization features. It thoroughly discusses deep communication with consumers during the planning process, and fully integrates consumers' daily habits and aesthetic norms.

2, satisfied with the characteristics of demand

The customization of whole-house furniture will refine the shopping malls to individuals. According to individual needs planning, consumers are actually one of the planners. After many years of development, the current planning is very sophisticated.

In terms of product category, furniture is not just the customization of color, scale and shape. Characterization is mainly reflected in the function. Not only satisfied with the characteristics of consumers, compared product furniture, custom home function more characteristic.

Take the closet as an example: Including: Clothes, pants, hats, socks, ties, etc. All accessories have their own storage space, which not only looks regular, but also facilitates access.

3, reflect the master grade

Whole house custom furniture, more and more recognized by consumers. You can use all kinds of space rationally and match your home environment.

Such as: Customization of the whole wardrobe, the wardrobe embedded in the wall, coupled with sliding doors, the wardrobe and the entire style seamless, and based on the characteristics of the owner customization, fully reflects the owner's grade.

4, maximize the use of space

Comparing product furniture, the advantage of custom products is the rational use of space. As housing prices remain high, medium- and small-sized units have become the main force. How to make full use of space is a big problem that needs to be solved urgently.

For custom homes, not only space is used efficiently, but also space that is otherwise difficult to use can be "decorated."

5, choose a variety of styles

At the time of characterization, custom furniture presents a variety of styles. For example: Chinese, English, American, Korean and so on. In addition, including: Shang Pinzhai, Oklahoma, etc., also introduced the theme set

6, reduce inventory backlog

In the traditional form of marketing, enterprises seek to make profits, and after large-scale production, they reduce their costs. Once the mall suffers from unexpected events, slow sales or backlogs, it forms a waste of resources. Whole house customization is based on consumer orders and production, almost no inventory, speeding up cash flow.

7, lower marketing costs

In the traditional form of marketing, the company sells for advertising and other methods to occupy the mall. Therefore, the cost is high. As long as the whole house is customized and the price is reasonable, furniture can be successfully sold. In the whole house customization, manufacturers directly face consumers, cut sales links, and cut various expenses.

The summary of the amendment: The above is all about the whole house custom furniture common sense introduction, although the furniture customization can help you save a lot of trouble, but in the selection can not be taken lightly, we must carefully consider, otherwise not selected suitable furniture Custom style and quality, but it's too late to regret it