What are the American furniture brands in China?

- Aug 02, 2018-

1, Glenarbor

The American Glen Arbor brand, with its 100-year history, has accumulated profound design concepts from the history of American furniture, accurately grasping the trend of household consumption and future development trends. After a long period of market research and preparations, Glen Arbor went to China to provide 25 series of more than 3,000 household items for Chinese consumers. Among them, there are 20 series of original flavors and different styles from different parts of the United States. The five series combine Chinese and Western styles with Chinese style art.


The cheese kingdom Cheese.Kingdom is still using the rare brands of traditional American handicrafts and natural logs to understand that the cheese kingdom has started from an unwavering origin – in order to increase your purchasing confidence, the cheese kingdom is far from the state of Pennsylvania. Cherry cherry wood and OAK, RED. The American painting process is done using akzonobel and The valspar orporation.


The American century-old furniture brand, which was formed by the merger of drexel established in 1903 and heritage established in 1932, has a century of furniture manufacturing and cultural heritage, which maintains the traditional taste and eclectic, advancing with the times and is very fashionable. Jazz Henry Furniture is designed with the concept of “inheritance of luxury and restraint from generation to generation”. With its unique style, it presents a graceful and noble atmosphere and has become the first choice for American celebrities. Founded in 1995, it was one of the first American home brands to enter the Chinese market.


Founded in 1852, Ashley is a famous furniture brand from Arcadia. As the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States, ASHLEY has always adhered to first-class design and products to integrate the refined and elegant living atmosphere for consumers' homes. Most of its products follow the American style of furniture, using the original solid wood as the main material, with light and nostalgic colors, natural and delicate wooden textures, and the unique details of the sculptures exudes noble and charming temperament, creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere for the home space. .


Huanmei Home was founded in 1953, one of the three major furniture brands in the United States. Huanmei brand furniture is mainly based on traditional American furniture, combining different national elements and different living habits to reflect the diversity and integration of American culture to show the pure modern American lifestyle.


In 1995, the high-rise of the United States and the United States left a beautiful home after the re-establishment of a furniture brand. As a pure and high-end American furniture brand, FFDM is the industry leader with its outstanding American original design and excellent product quality.

7. Fairmont Designs

Founded in 1984, China's domestic American furniture brand, its products are exported to the American market, and received recognition and praise; in addition, it has formed a strong brand sales system in China.

8. Alexandra Zhuo

Alexandra Group is a foundry manufacturing company for international furniture brands. Founded in 1993, it has Minghao International Co., Ltd. as the Trade Division (Taiwan), China Alexandra (Shenzhen) Furniture Co., Ltd., and Vietnam GRAND ART Furniture. Two production bases of the company. In 2007, it set up its own brand flagship store (Alexandre Elite Life) in Taichung City, Taiwan and mainland China, Shenzhen and Shanghai. In 2008, 20 direct or franchised stores in Beijing, Taipei and Chongqing will continue. At the opening, the number of employees exceeded 4,000.

9, Meikemeijia

Founded in 2001, Meikemei is one of the first American furniture brands to enter China, and is no stranger to Chinese consumers.


(The head office is in the United States, and the products and designs are all from American designers. The domestic company is called Guangzhou Tomaston Furniture Co., Ltd., and the factory is located in Dalingshan, Dongguan.)

11. Thomasville:

There are now five specialty stores in China. In 1997, they were unified by the Da Vinci Group.

(Thomasville is an old brand that was founded in 1904 and has a long history and tradition. At the beginning, Thomasville was just a chair company in Thomasville, North Carolina, offering a well-crafted chair, but by 1917, It has been recognized for its innovative design and manufacturing quality. It has achieved many “firsts” in the furniture industry: the first local sales team, the first one produced and sold by American furniture companies, including dining tables, buffet tables and Full set of furniture including chairs. The current production base has production bases in other countries except North Carolina, including China)

12. Pottery Barn

It is a home brand that is highly praised and praised among professionals. In the United States, the brand feels similar to IKEA, but it is different for the consumer group. IKEA is aimed at students whose income is not high and not stable, just young people who are newly employed. Pottery Barn is mainly aimed at middle-class consumers and higher-level people. It is also very popular in the upper class. It can be said that there is a little petty American furniture brand.

(Starting in the 1950s, Pottery Barn has become a representative of quality and elegant home products, and has established two highly-acclaimed PBKids and PBteen sub-brands. PB products use natural materials to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and successfully win professional People consume the market. The official website is written in Made in USA. It is not clear whether there are factories in China.

13, Twelve Oaks

It is a new world faction of American furniture. Regardless of color, regardless of style, it adopts the concept of mix and match design, and it brings the demand of free, innovative, casual and individual furniture. The “Twelve Oaks” furniture is polished and thinly painted with wood; the hand feels soft and pure fabric; the green, ecological and natural materials... all bring a warm and intimate feeling.

(Founded in 2009, it is affiliated to Zhongshan Sihai Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and two other brands “Aozhuo” and “Kafenda” may be more familiar to consumers)

14, HarborHous

Founded in 1916 in the northern part of California, the first store opened in Shanghai in 2008, the momentum of development is rapid, currently all direct stores, and Meikemeijia is ready to start to join the route.

15. Dusa D.U.S.A:

Dusha Furniture is the furniture brand of Shenzhen Xinfu Brand Furniture Co., Ltd. It is the first modern all-wood American home furnishing brand. Dusa D.U.S.A selects North American imported golden silk boxwood, hand-carved, feels the perfect combination of strength and femininity, creating a warm and fresh space.

Of course, there are many other brands that are not listed here.