What are the advantages of the ergonomic chair?

- Sep 06, 2018-

What are the main aspects of the ergonomic chair's comfort, health care and fatigue adjustment? According to Lange Furniture's small series, it was discovered after searching. Its role is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, that is the headrest

The adjustability of the ergonomic chair headrest will play a role in regulating the sitting posture, allowing the user's cervical vertebra to naturally fit the headrest, which will make people enjoy the office. The height of the headrest fits into your best position. Best when fully supporting your cervical spine!

Second, the back of the chair

The back of the chair fits well with the human spine, which evenly disperses the weight of the body, eliminates the pressure point, and adjusts the tilt of the back of the chair. It is also essential! Self-adjustment according to individual circumstances! And the best support position for the waist is the third and fourth spine. This is the most standard.


Third: lumbar support, lumbar support

The active lumbar support adjusts the curvature so that the entire lower back relaxes comfortably to the lower back, allowing the back spine to relax and at the same time providing perfect support to relieve the fatigue of the back spine.

Fourth: handrails and cushions

When people are sitting for a long time, the pressure on the whole body is on the buttocks. In order to reduce the pressure on the hips and blood vessels during compression, you should choose a better one. Then the armrests of the ergonomic chair should have: angle-free adjustment, Stepless and stepless locking, curved back design, bow frame strength and elastic processing, handrail curved streamline processing and other functions!