What are the advantages of leather office sofas and fabric office sofas?

- Jun 22, 2018-

In recent years, office sofa customization is increasingly favored by the majority of business owners. Compared with traditional office furniture, creative customized office sofas have advantages in using corporate office space and increasing fashion elements. As a representative of creative office furniture, office sofas are customized. Especially prominent, as an important part of office furniture, what are the advantages of authentic office sofa and fabric office sofa customization?

1. Price

First of all, from the aspects of the price that everyone buys furniture will be most concerned about, leather sofas are much more expensive than fabric sofas, mainly because of the scarce materials and complicated technology of leather sofas, so the price is naturally high, and the fabric sofa is The production of materials is simpler and the price is relatively cheaper.

2. Maintenance

Let's talk about the maintenance of the sofa, leather sofa maintenance is more troublesome, we must pay attention to moisture or will leave a stain, but also have to pay attention to brush oil to maintain the luster of the cortex, but also pay attention to can not be left sharp scratches. The fabric sofa does not need to be so troublesome, in general as long as you are careful not to get a lot of water into the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient. Most of them are directly removed from the sofa cover and cleaned. The maintenance and cleaning are simple and convenient than the leather sofa.

3. Style

In the style of the sofa, the leather sofa is high-grade style, elegant and generous, generally it will be placed in a relatively spacious living room, which looks luxurious, dignified and calm, and is of great grade. However, the fabric and style of the sofa are relatively single, and there is no diversity of fabric sofas. . Cloth sofa is generally suitable for young people's tastes, light and soft, modeling novelty, sofa fabric style is also more, very personal, if it is silk, silk and other fabric fabric sofa will be more luxurious and elegant. Cloth sofa can be suitable for high-end luxury decoration, but also suitable for small fresh sweet home decoration, leather sofa can not be compared at this time.

4. Process

From the production process, fabric sofas are generally used mechanical production, the process is relatively simple, and leather sofas go through a lot of process procedures, more cumbersome and complex, and many times still handmade, from the quality of the fabric on the sofa is far more than a leather sofa of.

5. Life

Leather sofas are expensive and inconvenient to maintain, but we all know that its service life is very long. If a good leather sofa is properly maintained, it can still be used after decades. The fabric sofa will generally last for several years. Perhaps it is The filler has collapsed, or the style is not popular. It will soon be replaced. There is no doubt about the long service life of the leather sofa.