What are the advantages of fabric sofa?

- Jun 01, 2018-

Cloth sofa has many advantages. Do a good job of cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of young friends mostly like fabric sofa, the reason is very simple, nothing more than the colorful fabric sofa, fashionable, removable and washable fabric jacket easy to take care of.

    There are more and more styles and brands of fabric sofas nowadays, but the more choices they choose, the less they know how to choose. Not satisfied, but like too much, do not know how to choose. The color of the choice of sofa and the color of the living room decoration should be contrasted, that is to say to coordinate with the overall color of the living room. If the decoration of the living room is darker, choose a light colored sofa, such as white, light green, sky blue or orange, to break the boring visual effects of the entire room; if the floor and walls are lighter, the color of the sofa is relatively speaking. To be dark, choose gray, walnut, black, etc.

       In addition, the color and material of the sofa should be the same as other furniture in the living room. If the TV cabinets and coffee tables are intended to be walnut-colored, the color of the sofas should be the same color if not the same color, and the armrests and sofa brackets are also preferably walnut; if the other furniture in the living room is a metal or glass structure The sofa armrests and brackets are also preferably metal. The color of the sofa can be deep or shallow. The size of the choice of living room area is relatively large, you can choose 1 + 2 + 3 sofa, can be put into a sitting style, family members sit together with a harmonious atmosphere; the living room is relatively small, a corner sofa and a free to place the footstool Enough, the single aristocracy can lie or sit on it comfortably after work, or sit back and watch the TV with the loved ones back to back or together to create a romantic and warm world. Should pay attention to the details Of course, choose the sofa should not ignore the quality of the sofa. The quality must be guaranteed. First, we must select a reputable home shopping mall. Such a shopping mall not only guarantees quality, but also provides professional delivery and installation services.

        At the same time, attention should also be paid to the following specific details: First, the frame of the fabric sofa should be an ultra-stable structure, dry hardwood, and there should be no prominent place, but the edge should have a piping to highlight the shape of the sofa; second, the main connection There must be a reinforcement device, connected to the frame by glue and screws, whether it be plug-in, adhesive, bolted or whistle-joined, all connections must be kept firm to ensure longevity. For safety and comfort, the backrest also has the same requirements as the seat; in the end, if the sofa has foam material, the surrounding must be filled with cotton or polyester fiber to ensure comfort and no deformation. The maintenance of the fabric sofa The fabric sofa is beautifully patterned and sits comfortably, but people always worry about the cleaning of the fabric sofa. The fabric sofa cover can be removed and washed. If it is necessary, we can even order a few different "clothes" for the sofa and change the sofa at any time.