Three styles of American furniture

- Nov 06, 2018-

The production process of American furniture is more complicated. In the white stage of wood production, the traditional Chinese furniture production method is followed. Its shape, texture, carving and color tone are exquisite and noble, the structure is the whole structure, and the drawer slide adopts the central slide. It is very close to nature; American painting is a new topic for domestic furniture manufacturers, and its technical content is very high.

American furniture places special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. From the perspective of modeling, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neo-classical and rustic style.

American furniture made in china

Antique style: American furniture is based on the lifestyles of immigrants from all over the European Renaissance. From the classic furniture works handed down from generations to generations in the 18th and 19th centuries, it can be seen that due to the pioneering spirit of the early American ancestors and the principles of advocating nature, the furniture is elegant, but the furniture that is not over-decorated becomes the representative of typical American furniture. For example, the Queen Anne of CabrioI Leg; the chair of furniture designer Thomas Chippendale; the beautiful lines that 18th century American designer John Godderd excelled, still have a certain amount in American furniture.

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Neo-classical style: in the process of the classical furniture designer seeking new changes. The designer combines the classic style with the individual's unique style and modern spirit, which makes the classical furniture show a colorful face and become the main feature of the neo-classical style.

Country style: It has always played an important role in American furniture. Because of its simple, bright and practical shape, it has long been loved by consumers all over the world. In the design, multi-functional design has been added. On the whole, American furniture conveys simple, casual, organized and multi-functional design ideas, making the family a pure land for releasing stress and liberating the soul.

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The main features of American furniture

American furniture is influenced by the historical background, culture and art, production technology and living habits of Europe and the United States. The formation of American furniture has its own unique European and American style and taste. Its main features are retro and return to nature, fully demonstrating the characteristics of wood. It combines the psychological needs of mankind yearning for nature and returning to nature.

The material uses splicing plates and monolithic materials. Finger-joined materials are not allowed. Mid-range products allow partial cladding and high-grade products to require all solid wood. Artificial boards such as particleboard and MDF are not allowed, but plywood can be used.

The overall structure is not removable, there are few metal parts. Except for the door hinges and handles, almost no other accessories are used. The frame structure is mainly connected by structure. The drawer box structure adopts dovetail and follows the production of traditional Chinese furniture. The method, especially the drawer slide, adopts a central slide, and the high-grade product slide has a wooden structure, which is very close to nature.

From the spraying of the product, the overall coating, the process is complicated, the difficulty is high, the spraying technology content is high, and a complete process requires at least a dozen processes.