There are pros and cons of plates for office furniture

- Jun 20, 2018-

1. Solid wood board

The advantages of solid wood panels include nail holding power, durability, and customers prefer this kind of panel furniture. But its shortcomings can not be ignored, high cost, processing is difficult, and the possibility of cracking later, at present most of the domestic use of oil-based paint seal, causing product VOC (toxic and harmful gases) exceeded the standard, have a great impact on human health.

2. Multilayer board

Compared with solid wood boards, multilayer boards are less popular with customers, but multilayer boards have the advantages of strong nail holding power, no cracking, good physical properties, resistance to deformation, and durability. They can be said to be the preferred materials in the tri-amino acid board products. However, its disadvantages are: high cost, which can only be used on pure plate products, and the possibility of excessive formaldehyde in the plates.

Finger board

The fingerboard is a small piece of solid wood splice board, and its advantages and disadvantages are similar to that of a solid wood board.

4. Medium density fiberboard

The advantages of medium-density fiberboard are just the opposite of those mentioned above. It has a low cost, strong processing, and can be carved. But the shortcomings can not be ignored, its poor nail holding power, poor resistance to deformation, commonly used in civilian furniture.

5. Solid wood particle board (Particle Board)

Solid wood particle board is in the middle zone compared with the above several products, that is, it has the advantages of low cost and strong machinability, but it cannot be carved. The disadvantage is that the nail holding force is better than the MDF but worse than the solid wood. The anti-deformation ability is better than the MDF when compared to the solid wood. The civilian furniture often appears in the kitchen cabinets and the whole cloakroom. The production of the panel office furniture often uses this type of furniture. Plates.