The Value of Traditional Ribbed Rivet Structure

- Apr 14, 2018-

When it comes to the "Rivet riveting structure", it is believed that anyone who has touched the traditional furniture industry knows such a term. The riveting structure, as one of the essence of the traditional woodworking process, is the main connection of traditional furniture. The riveted structure is a kind of concave-convex connection method used to connect two or more pieces of furniture in solid wood furniture. The protruding part is called 榫 (also known as 榫), and the recessed part is called rivet (or Called eye blinks, cuts, etc.). This kind of connection represents the highest level of traditional furniture in our country. Today, the author brings everyone together to understand the value of the "Rivet riveting structure":

1. The riveting structure has a long history

The riveting structure is a unique production process of the Chinese nation. It existed as early as 7000 years ago in the Neolithic Age. The Chinese traditional furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties can reach a very high level, and thanks to the perfect application of the riveting process, the core of the Chinese style furniture is the “榫 riveting structure”.

2. The furniture of the riveted structure is stronger and firmer

Based on the rational use of concrete and riveting, the concrete riveting structure can effectively control the movement of different components in their respective directions through the high and low, long and short, and more or less ingenious collocations of concrete and riveting, and the structure is more robust. Stable; and the traditional way of furniture connected by nails, with the corrosion of nails, and wood is still intact, it is easy to cause furniture to loose.

3. The riveting structure is an important guarantee for the quality of furniture

The nails are wedged into the wood by squeezing or drilling hard, which can easily crack the wood and become a serious injury to the furniture. The traditional riveting structure can avoid this problem very well. The occurrence has greatly enhanced and ensured the quality of furniture.

4. The riveted structure furniture is easier to maintain

Any furniture that is used to a certain degree will cause a little problem. Maintaining nature is also a common problem. Under normal circumstances, to disassemble the two components that are connected together for maintenance, the disassembly of the riveted structural furniture is much simpler.

5. The riveted structure furniture is convenient to transport

The furniture of the riveting structure can be disassembled and transported in the process of transportation, and can be combined at the destination and then transported. The furniture connected with the nail structure can only be processed separately, but such as Small pieces of furniture such as chairs are difficult to achieve.

In short, the riveting structure has considerable significance and existing value compared to traditional furniture.