The use of American country colors in home

- May 19, 2018-

Color is a kind of symbolic symbol. In furniture design, color is used in furniture, just as in the use of clothing in the human body. Designers should use the form and texture to express the design style of furniture, using color to express the design. Emotions and habits are refined and summed up in a variety of natural colors to form a sense of rhythm and rhythm, making it a unique language and conveying an emotion.

The concept of home color matching

There are three primary colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue, earthy colors, and the breath of spring is white, green, and yellow, and blue and white.

(A) Strong American Flag Tricolor

1. The characteristics of red, white, and blue combined with China are reflected in furniture, accessories, or walls, and the festive atmosphere can be created by using these elements well.

2, simple blue and white, blue and white can have two ways to create different effects.

1 is a typical Mediterranean style, the solid blue-white combination is not doped with any other color, making people face the sea

The calm and clean feeling makes people yearn for a beach vacation.

2 American country style not only gives people nostalgic, relaxed feelings, but also integrates various cultural elements. The Chinese flavor of blue and white porcelain elements will also be integrated into it. American furniture is intertwined with blue and white layers to create a different living space.

(b) Earth color

Earth color is the earthy color, and all faded yellows, whites, and blacks are the best elements for creating earthy scenes. Representative colors are rubber, honey, and old white. Earth color reflects the scene of autumn harvest. There are two kinds of feelings:

One manifestation is the steady atmosphere: a sense of history, good harvest, and profound cultural heritage. Can not help but let us have a deeper understanding of taste, hobbies and life.

One manifestation is the refreshing and elegant feel: it reflects a pristine and practical attitude to life.

(C) The breath of spring: white, green, yellow

The feeling of spring, the recovery of all things, is full of vitality.

Collocation requirements: color to the same color.

In color matching, we want to be as simple as possible. The overall look is simple and warm, and life will have more unexpected fun.

(four) warmth: blue + white

   Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling. There is a long history of jazz music. People who are obsessed with think blues. Not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, really activates life, makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps create a peaceful atmosphere. The kitchen decorated in blue is better. According to color psychology, looking at blue more is emotionally stable and thinking is more rational. The cool and unblemished white feels very free and open-minded. The living space seems to be as open and natural as the sea-and-morning nature.