The total solution of the knowledge of rubber wood furniture

- Aug 01, 2018-

In recent years, rubber wood furniture has become a leader in the furniture market because of its high price performance ratio, and it is loved by many people. As we all know, rubber wood furniture is made of rubber wood, and rubber wood is a kind of plant that produces rubber milk. It is grown in subtropics, such as Southeast Asia, so it is called rubber wood of Thailand and oak in Southeast Asia.

After processing, the rubber wood is basically free from chemical composition. So the rubber wood furniture made is not poisonous. Rubber wood after anti-corrosion treatment and drying treatment of the board, due to light color, beautiful texture, fine structure, good processing performance. Therefore, they are favored by businessmen and introduced into furniture manufacturing and residential decoration in large quantities. It is made into a large number of rubber wood furniture. Rubber wood is becoming more and more widely used. The furniture industry has been treated as a top grade wood. The wood-based panel is considered as a new type of new type. The decoration industry is used as a decorative material for high pressure. So, as long as it is properly handled, the rubber wood furniture is not poisonous.

There are some undesirable merchants fishing in muddy water on the market, rubber wood as oak for sale, which requires consumers to be vigilant when buying, do their homework ahead of time. But today we don't talk about oak, but it's mainly about the advantages of rubber wood.

1. Rubber wood is used by Southeast Asian farmers to produce materials and furniture after logging. Growth cycle is not long, generally ten years to become useful, talent cycle is not long.

2. This kind of wood is not easy to crack in dry areas of North China.

3. Rubber wood has good plasticity in the process of making tools, so it can be suitable for making products with beautiful shapes and soft curves.

4, rubber wood solid wood texture, fine texture, uniform texture.

5. Light color, easy coloring, can accept all types of color dyeing and paint, easy to match with other wood color tone, paint coating performance is good.

6, good hardness, natural high strength wear resistance, especially for staircases, floors, tables, tables and so on.