The ten hotel furniture design must pay attention to the details

- Jun 09, 2018-

For all newly established hotels, the furniture configuration is a systematic project, especially the furniture of the hotel suites. Before the production, the professional and technical personnel of the hotel furniture production have to carry out on-site inspection and measurement, and careful consideration must be given to it. The production and distribution of the furniture to the hotel proceeded smoothly and satisfied both the buyer and the seller. Then, in the process of configuration of the hotel suite furniture, we should pay attention to what details in the design:

1. The corners of the room furniture are preferably obtuse or rounded, so as not to hurt young people who are not tall.

2. The design of the baggage counter is often underestimated. The lacquer on the wooden table side of the baggage counters of many hotel rooms is uneven. If such a baggage counter is used, the soft bag part can finally be transferred from the plane to the facade, and There is a thickness of about 50CM to prevent the collision of the luggage, but also can use the active luggage rack, but the design of the crash wall should be good, some hotel's crash board is 18MM thick glass, both original and personalized, Practical and practical. Can also be wear-resistant panel furniture, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant;

3, the bed from the bathroom door must not be less than 20CM, because the waiter needs a certain amount of operating space;

4, room furniture should also pay attention to wear, scratch resistance, easy maintenance and other properties;

5, the carpet of the room should be durable, anti-fouling or even fire, as far as possible not to use light or solid color, and nowadays, many business hotel rooms are composite wood floors, both practical and sanitary, and warm and comfortable;

6, room furniture should pay attention to fire prevention, safety performance;

7, room furniture should pay attention to waterproof, moisture and environmental performance;

8, the layout of computer Internet lines to consider carefully, the location of its socket should not be too far from the desk, drag too long line is not so gracious;

10, the choice of bedside lamp to be careful, that is, to prevent glare, but also durable.