The sofa is the best for the living room

- Jun 08, 2018-

Why doesn't the home of design accessories show a feeling on the effect map? Why aren't the beautiful furniture in the store placed in their own homes? Even sitting at the desk is prone to sour legs and the sofa is uncomfortable.... Have you ever thought that that is the result of your home scale? Really comfortable home is to speak of scale. Comparing the size of homes and homes, locals and locals, furniture and humans, furniture and interior space, and the relationship between furniture space and daily necessities. Reasonable home standards are crucial to home life. Improper handling not only affects the visual effects of space, but also brings inconvenience to the occupants and even affects their health.

Therefore, the scale, distance and orientation of home design should conform to human body physiology, psychological scale, and the law of movement of various parts of the body in order to achieve aesthetic, practical, convenient, comfortable and safe purposes.

The sofa in the home space should be comfortable. In addition to the material, fabric, and shape of the sofa itself, it should focus on the relationship between the sofa and the space, and the relationship between the sofa and the human body. Some professionals believe that from the aspect of space, the size and shape of the sofa should be determined by the living room area; in terms of human comfort, the sofa should pay attention to its height, width, depth, and the ratio between them; from the use of effects In terms of the sofa, more work is needed to put it on display.

The sofa accounts for 25% of the living room area

Tailored clothing, sofa size, shape depends on the size of the unit and the living room area, sofa area accounted for 25% of the living space is the best ratio.

If the size of the small apartment below 60 square meters, the living room is usually not large, or even a separate living room. Such a sofa type apartment should be based on smaller sofas. This type of sofa can be freely moved and combined. The backrest of this split sofa cannot be too high, and the number should not exceed three. Otherwise it may make the small room look crowded or even cluttered.

If the area is 60 to 100 square meters of small and medium-sized units, usually the living room area will not be less than 12 square meters, more suitable for medium-sized two or three-seat sofa, it is recommended to buy a separate sofa, according to the size of the area "1 + Flexible combination of 3", "2+3" or "1+2+3".

If the area is larger than 100 square meters, some living rooms will be more than 30 square meters, then it must choose a larger sofa with a larger size and a longer sofa surface. Don’t let multiple single-piece sofas fit into this large living room, because it would be like selling a sofa.

Sofa "three degrees" according to size ratio

Like a beautiful woman's measurements, the sofa also has a "three-degree" ratio, that is, height, width, and depth. It is based on the Chinese people's body and sitting habits, summed up the basic size ratio. In this basic size, you can easily find a sofa that suits you.