The purpose of sofa towel

- Jun 14, 2018-

There are several aspects of the use of sofa towels:

First, protect the sofa

The most important, of course, is the protection of the sofa. The new fabric sofa, if you accidentally get a stain or accidentally hang it, is very difficult to clean or repair, even if it can be quite troublesome; the new leather sofa, because of the high price, but also need to be careful, for fear Hang up, so choose a beautiful sofa towel, not only can play a good role in protecting the sofa, but also more convenient than the sofa cover removal and cleaning.

Second, beautify the sofa

The style of the sofa towel is various and there is a wider choice of options. Especially for older sofas, if the skeleton of the sofa is still strong, just stained, or hanged, or just you want to change your vision, you can choose a sofa towel, not only can cover the defects of the sofa, but also its unique The lace can also play a good embellishment, which is not what the sofa cover does.

Third, create a romantic and warm feeling

The material of the sofa towel is generally cotton-containing fabric, and the thickness is relatively large, and some of them contain cashmere, so the sofa towel will give a thick feeling, especially in the winter, the sofa covered with a sofa towel will give people a sense of both touch and feel. The feeling of warmth, coupled with a couple of cotton cotton cushion is more comfortable.