The problem of formaldehyde in office furniture that cannot be ignored

- May 28, 2018-

In general, if you do not pay attention to ventilation in the decoration, the use of paint, paint, office furniture, etc. may cause harmful substances over the standard, affecting the air quality in the room. Unqualified furniture has now become one of the most important sources of pollution.

    Formaldehyde in office furniture is a major source of formaldehyde volatilization because of its quantity in the office area. Harmfulness and persistence of formaldehyde are not the focus of this article. We must say that office furniture companies should control formaldehyde compliance from the start of material selection. rate.

Brand office furniture ( will certainly not have formaldehyde? We will use the brand as the criterion for judgment. This is not wrong, but it is only one of them. The content of formaldehyde in office furniture depends on the brand, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the content is within the national standard or not. In accordance with the general release of free formaldehyde release 2.9mg/100g, the choice of office furniture substrate is very important. At the same time, the edge sealing technology is also related to the volatilization of formaldehyde, because the edge seal is the most direct and effective resistance. When you accept the office furniture, you can smell the pungent odor near the edge of the seal. If not, it means that the plate and the edge are qualified and can be used with confidence.

    Formaldehyde-containing glue is used in the production of office furniture. The time for volatilization of formaldehyde is very high, causing great harm to human health. When we smell a pungent odor, it is formaldehyde, in order to protect our health. When choosing office furniture, be sure to choose environmentally-friendly products. In addition to pursuing quality in the product, in the newly renovated office, we also need to put some green plants, better absorb potential harmful substances, and make our office environment more comfortable and healthy.