The kinds and characteristics of solid wood furniture

- Mar 10, 2018-

         What are kinds for solid wood furniture ? 

         Actually wood furniture divides into three kinds.

        1. General Solid wood furniture

        The base material is made of sawing solid wood or solid wood plank, and the surface is decorated with  solid wood veneer or thin wood veneer , and then be finished .

        2. Absolute solid wood furniture

        Namely, the original wood furniture that is on the market,  furniture's all wood parts are made of solid  sawing solid wood lumber or solid wood plank.

         3. Wood and plank are combined 

        Furnitures made of solid wood, artificial board and other materials. The advantage of this kind of furniture is the stability is strong. Besides ,  it have the advantage of board type furniture and solid wood furniture.

        What are charactersitic of solid wood ?

        1. Natural wood color

         Natural wood color of Solid wood furniture accords with modern urbanite to advocate the psychological need of nature.

        2. Unique style 

        It has natural texture of the personalityand its unique beautiful patterncan be seen on the general surface .

        3. Naturally environment-friendly

           This is the biggest characteristic of solid wood furniture: use natural wood with use glue less.

        4. Long service life

         Life is five times as long as board furniture, about 15 to 20 years.


         Can be collected as art collection , preservation and appreciation . 

         6.Workmanship is exquisite

         Compared to board type of  furniture , it is more complex  In return ,  artificial cost increases naturally.