The identification of common solid wood

- Jan 13, 2018-

Solid wood furniture can be roughly divided into two categories, one is pure solid wood furniture, the furniture of all material is solid wood, the other is imitation solid wood furniture, mainly made of solid wood and man-made board furniture.

Real solid wood furniture, of course, is the first kind, namely material without processing again, do not use any man-made board furniture is made of.Below small make up all kinds of common solid wood furniture wood species introduced in detail, answer the owners solid wood furniture which wood is a good question, to help the owner knows when the choose and buy of discrimination:

1, ash wood, the tree is qualitative slightly hard, straight texture, structure, decorative pattern beauty, be able to bear or endure corrupt, better water resistance, easy process but is not easy to dry, great toughness, rubber, paint, chromatic performance is good, have good adornment performance, is currently use morer wood furniture, interior decoration.

2, beech wood, also write "tree wood" or "hepatoprotective wood".Native to southern China, although not elegant wood, but a wide use in folk.Although ju wood material solid heavier, strong shock resistance, and easy to bend under steam, modelling can be made up.Its texture clear, uniform wood texture, color soft, smooth.Belongs to top grade furniture material.

3, oak wood, oak wood grain shape, has the advantage that has a distinct touch feeling is good, the quality of a material is solid, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life.Defect is high quality species less, leading to the market with rubber wood instead of oak phenomenon exists generally, in addition, without fine workmanship can also lead to deformation or shrinkage cracking.

4, birch wood: its rings slightly obviously, straight and clear texture, material of the structure is exquisite and smooth, soft texture soft, or moderate.Birch elastic, dry easily warping, wear-resisting.Betula mid-range wood, solid wood and veneer are common.

5, fir wood, its material is qualitative soft, dry, narrow, not become warped crack, durable performance is good, easy to machining, coarser, the intensity of cross section is strong, easy to split, cementing performance is good, the southern provinces of furniture, decorate with the most common mid-range wood.

6, walnut wood, Chinese catalpa, the lumber luster, texture straight or oblique, slightly rough structure, drying speed is slow, but not easy to warp, wood good toughness, easy processing, cutting face is smooth.Bending performance good, paint, glue, nail good adhesion.

7, yellow pineapple: the wood has good luster, texture is straight, coarse structure, uniform rings clear, material is qualitative soft, easy to dry, good processability, color decorative pattern is very beautiful, paint and adhesive performance is good, not easy to split;The advantages of good corrosion resistance, but due to poor nailing it emphatically, so use furniture tend to have weak yellow pineapple materials such as shortcomings.

8, elm wood, hardwoods, and northeast China ash, become useful period for 40-60 years to hundreds of years commonly, texture is often used to make informal ruggedly solid wood furniture, reflect its atmosphere, and goes against in more than spirit.

9, maple wood, soft maple and hard maple maple points two kinds, temperate timber, which are found in south of the Yangtze river basin.Maple wood grain in the crisscross, renal fine and homogeneous structure, light and hard, good decorative pattern design.Easy processing, plane owe smooth, dry easy to warp.The paint coating performance is good, agglutination.

10, mahogany wood, annatto furniture for the characteristics of color is deeper, more reflects the style of ancient sweet patina, and generally lumber itself has own sends out a fragrance, in addition, there are material is hard, high strength, good durability advantages.