The hardness of the sofa cushion directly affects the stability of the sofa

- Jun 01, 2018-

The sofa cushion is simply a mat that is laid directly on the sofa. Its main purpose is to wrap the sofa. The sofa itself is very easy to get ash dirty. In addition to man-made damage, it will become very dirty for a short time, and it will also be cleaned. Very inconvenient, sofa cushion solves this problem, it is very easy to spread on the sofa surface, the extra can be plugged into the sofa seam which can be more fixed sofa cushion, more difficult to slide on the sofa above.

    Sofa cushions play an important role in two aspects: First, the contribution of the human balance of the sitter is different, and the torque reflects this weight. Obviously, the force far from the center of gravity of people has a greater impact on maintaining the balance of the body. For a better sofa cushion, the longitudinal distribution curve of lateral force should be offset upwards, and the lateral distribution curve of lateral and longitudinal moments should be symmetrical about the vertical axis. In this way, the distribution of the torque in the leg and hip region is reasonable, and the stability and comfort of the legs and hips are fully reflected. The author starts from the stiffness of the sofa and analyzes the influence of the stability of the sitting position and the stability of sitting posture on the sitting comfort through the curve of the moment distribution on the seat surface and backrest surface of the sofa. The weight is evenly distributed in the buttocks. The second is to stabilize the sitting position. Studies have shown that seat cushions that are too soft cannot stabilize sitting postures or even cause sitting fatigue. This is because soft seat cushions generally have less average pressure, that is, the support of the seats on the human body structure is relatively small. In order to maintain the sitting posture, the human body needs Do more internal strength. At the same time, the seat cushion is relatively soft, and the hips and thighs of the seat are partially immersed in the seat cushion, so that the seat cushion is pressed by the seat cushion. At this time, the seated person cannot easily change his posture to escape the squeeze, and thus needs muscular use. More force to maintain a certain position. It can be seen that the stability of the sofa has a close relationship with the hardness of the seat cushion. The degree of difficulty in adjusting the posture of the human body on the sofa can be predicted by the moment distribution curve so as to achieve the goal of optimizing the design of the sofa. From a mechanical point of view, the analysis of the moment should focus on the magnitude of the moment and the distribution of the moment.