The distinction between French furniture and other European furniture

- Apr 17, 2018-

French furniture can be said to be the most fresh and elegant style of European style decoration. It likes to use white as the main color in color matching, and is matched with similar elegant colors. The surface of dining table and dining chair is slightly engraved, but it is not complicated. French furniture is known for its purity, simplicity and simplicity. Love the romantic French people prefer bright colors, so the use of French furniture with beige, white, primary colors as the most. What is created is the luxurious and romantic living atmosphere of the French aristocracy envied by others. The exquisite design and fine craftsmanship make the French furniture expensive, but it is unique and is sought after and respected by the people of the world. It is a status and a cultural taste. Symbol.

The design theme of Georg Rose furniture is inspired by the small town of Grasse in southern France. She uses roses as a theme element to decorate the figure, with elegant and elegant flower buds, smooth edges, and a self-contained, seemingly swift, seemingly subtle.

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