The development prospect of eco-friendly hotel furniture can not be ignored

- Jun 08, 2018-

Poor quality, non-environmentally friendly hotel furniture pollutes the hotel environment. Beautifully shaped hotel furniture also brings an unprecedentedly good mood to the decoration. But at the same time. The examples that affect the health of family members often make it difficult for people who are about to purchase new hotel furniture to “talk about pollution and change”. Here, first put aside the external factors such as the price, style, color, and scale of the hotel's furniture, and make a purchasing guide for the environmental protection issues of the hotel furniture, and bring home the hotel furniture that is pollution-free, healthy and beautiful. With high rates, the China Indoor Decoration Association's Indoor Environmental Testing Center has just issued a consumer warning: the newly purchased hotel furniture pollution rate reached 46.5% The pollution of hotel furniture has seriously threatened people's health.The problem of hotel furniture pollution has not attracted widespread attention. It will become the main source of pollution in the home.The following is the information provided by the China Indoor Decoration Association's Indoor Environment Testing Center: At present, China's hotel furniture industry does not strictly control the toxic substances of environmental protection norms, hotel furniture in the plate, veneer, with plastic, topcoat if Improper use: The state only has the technical requirements for particleboard and medium density fiberboard, and the hazardous substances that occur in hotel furniture are mainly free formaldehyde, which mainly comes from the adhesives of artificial wood boards and toxic solvents such as paints. Reaction.

Hotel exposure to formaldehyde exceeds environmental sanitation to allow a certain level of discomfort when it is allowed to regulate two or three times the level. Benzene contamination caused by adhesives is also not negligible. The formaldehyde specification of 0.08 mg refers to the permissible level of sanitation requirements. Adhesives are used extensively in the manufacture of hotel furniture. Synthetic adhesives pollute the surrounding air more seriously because some hotel furniture, especially some high-end hotel furniture paints, use lacquer as a paint brush, while lacquer contains urushiol. Urushiol has a corrosive and toxic effect on human skin and can easily cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions. If the above-mentioned several kinds of hotel furniture auxiliary data are all qualified environmental protection type, it is still possible to control the indoor toxic gas concentration under the specification.

 Carefully selected eco-friendly hotel furniture

Whether or not the experience is soothing and tearful, first of all do not buy hotel furniture with a strong soothing smell. When you buy, you can open the drawer and open the door. If there is such a feeling, it indicates that the formaldehyde content of this hotel furniture is seriously excessive. Followed by the hotel furniture made of wood-based panels do not do all the edge treatment do not buy. In accordance with the requirements of the State for the quality of hotel furniture, all hotel furniture parts made of wood-based panels should be subjected to strict edge-sealing treatment. In particular, all edged boards for hotel furniture should require full edge-sealing, which can limit harmful substances in the wood-based panels. freed. The fabric hotel furniture should not only pay attention to the fabrics, but also pay attention to the filling materials. The material used to fill the materials should be elastic and uniform. No matter if it is pressed, pressed or squeezed, it can rebound quickly after release of pressure, and there is no pollution.

The price of hotel furniture is relatively cheap, and there is a price that is relatively low and bargaining is particularly easy. Some hotel furniture due to the use of a large number of low quality materials. There are thousands of dollars that can be cut off at any time. Consumers must be careful about this type of hotel furniture that looks like cheap. They may not see anything wrong with their appearance. They may also be happy after using it for a while. The "salary goods" principle has clearly revealed that there are obvious problems in the interior quality of hotel furniture. Of course, it cannot be bought. Not to be purchased by a regular manufacturer or without a factory inspection or quality inspection certificate. Moreover, before buying, you must look at the hotel furniture product manual, a complete hotel furniture brochure, should also include the use of local, such as the application of different hotel furniture places; device description of the local, such as installation drawings; manufacturers promise local, such as The manufacturer's commitment to product quality, warranty terms, etc. These are all guarantees of interest before and after purchase.

   Measure price and environmental protection coefficient carefully

These hotel furniture also have some common features: the use of ordinary wood chipboard, low-end hotel furniture is generally difficult to guarantee its environmental protection. The thickness of the main body of the cabinet is 1.6cm, 1.8cm, and the backboard uses a thin plate, generally only 0.3cm, 0.5cm thick; ordinary domestic hardware; the junction of the cabinet body is not sealed; the roller track is used for the drawer; the fixed metal inside the cabinet is opened The hole is manually opened with an artificial pencil mark. Observe these details carefully. If this happens, consider it before buying.

The main body and back plate thickness of the cabinet are 1.6 cm, 1.8 cm; imported hardware; thick sealing at the junction of the cabinet; three sections of track for the drawer; mechanical hole for the fixing metal inside the cabinet, high-end hotel furniture Plates that meet the European E1 standard. There are no traces of pencils or the like. Such hotel furniture generally has a relatively high environmental protection coefficient and basically guarantees the health of the home environment.