The definition of wood furniture and purchase knowledge

- May 21, 2018-

Elm wood is mainly produced in northern China and belongs to deciduous trees with tall trunks. Furniture made from eucalyptus wood is called eucalyptus furniture. This kind of furniture is characterized by tough wood, clear texture, and high decorative patterns. The origin of eucalyptus furniture has been a long time ago. It has appeared since the era of furniture. It is of high value both for personal use and for collection, so it is still very popular among consumers in this era. But on the market, there are miscellaneous pieces of fish from the beech wood furniture. How to buy high-quality furniture? This requires your eye crystal. The following Xuan Yi furniture teaches you how to buy furniture that is safe to use.

One, woodgrain and scar

    Wood grain and scars are one of the best ways to tell whether the furniture is genuine or not. The so-called judging from the direction of the wood grain is according to whether a part of the furniture is consistent with its corresponding part. Naturally, the corresponding good is the pure eucalyptus furniture. If the correspondence is not good or is not completely correspondent, it can be judged to be inferior or Judging from real wood furniture and making judgments through scars, it is also true that consumers can learn to use it.

Second, the furniture interface splice

   Second, judge the quality of the process from the interface. The density and hardness of the coffins are relatively large, which is even more serious for the larger coffin furniture. Therefore, the corners of the large coffin furniture are generally reinforced. It is these details that can fully show the coffin furniture. The quality and craftsmanship are in place, and they can also be used as a standard for consumers to purchase beech furniture.

Three, weight

    The large weight of beech wood furniture itself is a major feature, so its load-bearing site needs special attention, for example, to check whether the structure of the load-bearing site is intact, without cracks, and without breakage and deformation.

Fourth, the service life of wood

    There are new beech furniture and old beech furniture according to the age of the elm furniture. The new beech and the old beech are of different quality, so the price is far away. The old eucalyptus is either a used eucalyptus tree or a newly cut eucalyptus tree grown in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, etc., which is not the most suitable place for eucalyptus production. Compared to the new eucalyptus, it is both quality and beautiful. Degrees are very different, so consumers need to be careful when buying, in order to prevent the use of new beech furniture prices to buy old beech furniture products.