The concept and function of the gangue bed

- May 23, 2018-

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1. The concept of vermiculite bed

  The stone bed we often see in the Chinese medicine push-ups and health clubs, the conventional size of the stone bed: 1900 * 700 * 650mm. This bed bed has three kinds of materials stainless steel, iron frame and solid wood, general iron frame stone bed use The more extensive. The surface of the bed is made of sponge soft packs, and the middle is covered with vermiculite. After the power is turned on, the temperature of the vermiculite can be adjusted through a constant temperature controller.

2. The principle of the action of vermiculite bed

    The body is lying on a gangue bed and the body is in contact with the gangue. After plugging in the electric heating, under the unique energy field, wide-band far-infrared radiation and ultrasonic waves, the blood flow runs smoothly, and the microcirculation improves. The bed has a good physiological effect on the human body. On heated vermiculite, deep subcutaneous temperature rises, dilates small blood vessels and capillaries, promotes blood flow, increases the amount of oxygen carried by hemoglobin, activates cells, increases tissue regenerative capacity, and maintains the health of the nervous system, improves microcirculation, and improves Human disease resistance. In the far-infrared wave irradiation of meteorites, it promotes blood circulation, regulates the qi of the organs and meridians, and plays a role in stabilizing and mediating blood pressure by dredging the meridians, regulating blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, and promoting blood circulation in organs and blood.