The benefits of wormwood are amazing

- May 30, 2018-

Wormwood is a perennial herb distributed in Asia and Europe. Herbs perennial or slightly shrubs, plants with strong aroma. The main root is obvious, slightly thick and long, up to 1.5 cm in diameter, with many lateral roots, often lying underground rhizomes and vegetative branches. The leaves are spicy, bitter, and warm; the spleen, liver, and kidneys; the aromas are warm, and can be ascending or descending; have the effects of calming the blood and stopping the bleeding, dispersing cold, relieving pain, reducing moisture and killing insects; the leaves can also be well preserved. Cold and damp, fire reduction.

Wormwood foot bath benefits. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine says: The human organs have corresponding areas in the soles of the feet. The leaves are bitter, warm, and have the effect of warming and dispelling cold. Modern pharmacological mechanisms also show that this product has obvious antitussive, antiasthmatic, and expectorant effects. The use of this product has many advantages such as simplicity, examination, and honesty, and it has a positive effect on the prevention of pediatric colds, especially those children who are usually vulnerable to colds. The use of wormwood feet can effectively reduce imaginary fire, cold fire, and can treat oral ulcers, sore throat, periodontitis, gingivitis, otitis media and other recurrent attacks on the head and face, such as false fire, cold fire-related diseases, as long as the above occurs. In case of illness, take a small amount of boiled water, or take a small amount of the Qing’ai strip made of pure leaves to take a quarter, torn it into a bathing bucket, and brew it with boiling water for a while, etc. After Ai Yepao soaked in some warm water to soak your feet, soak your body slightly sweat, can not sweat, drink more warm water, usually even bubble times, that is, 2-3 days later, at the same time to drink warm water, do not eat cold Cool food, pay attention to the rest of these due to false fire, cold and fire caused by the head and face, throat discomfort will obviously improve or disappear. Some people see the use of leaves have so many benefits, it is often used to leaf feet, Some people soak almost every day, because the use of AI leaf to soak the virtual fire and cold fire down, it will lead to the loss of blood and blood in the head and the face. Insufficient blood supply will cause dizziness, headache and emotional changes. And so on. Some people get angry and they use the leaves of the leaves to make water. They just soaked for two days and got angry. The shape is gone, but the person is irritated, his anger is empty, his heart is indifferent, the inexplicable sadness, the sentiment all come. At this time, he should eat some bloody sea shrimp and squid. The patient, once a week, is able to use the leaves of water to soak his feet, but with the feet of the leaves of the leaves, he must stop eating cold foods and also use the leaves of the leaves.

Experts advise: Use the leaves to pay attention to degrees. Appropriate use of feet and other leaves to relieve and cure physical illness. Excessive amounts will cause the body to be deficient, there will be dizziness and tinnitus, and severe cases will also cause cough. .