The benefit of choosing a ergonomic chair

- Apr 14, 2018-

Why pick an ergonomic chair? Now more and more office workers will have sub-health status. It is necessary to choose an ergonomic chair.

First, ergonomic chair, can relieve cervical lumbar pressure, care of health.

Because the ergonomic chair is a chair that fits perfectly into the neck and lumbar curve. Its key support points can effectively decompose the cervical lumbar vertebrae pressure to ensure proper sitting posture and comfort and comprehensive health care.

Second, the ergonomic chair, so that the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are in the most comfortable and natural state.

The seat has a backrest design that fits the human spine curve. 118 degree seatback reclining, when the human body leans back naturally, reduces the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc; The comfortable head restraint design, reduces the head bending angle, reduces the cervical spine weight, lets the cervical vertebra, the lumbar vertebra in the most comfortable, natural condition.

  Third, the ergonomic chair can prevent occupational diseases.

According to ergonomics and medical spine research, this seat is equipped with concealed lumbar support in the vertebrae at the 3rd to 5th sections, which can reduce spinal pressure and intervertebral disc burden during sedentary exercise and effectively prevent occupational diseases.