The basic cooperation process for customizing restaurant sofas

- Jun 01, 2018-

Now whether it is a hot pot restaurant, a tea restaurant or a fast food restaurant, custom-made restaurant sofas become the first choice, which can not only make reasonable planning and use of space, but also fully meet the personalized needs of leisure venues, plus the professional custom furniture manufacturers are more in materials. Exquisitely, hardware accessories are made from domestic and foreign top hardware brands. On the basis of ensuring the quality of products, they have also been greatly improved in terms of functionality and comfort. They can also be tailor-made and more environmentally friendly. More fashionable and so on. Custom sofas are gradually changing the concept of people's furniture consumption.

  Customize the general flow of restaurant furniture: determine the manufacturer → home measurement size → design product style according to customer requirements → customer identification program → sign the same → factory production → product assembly → site installation.

 1, customer needs analysis, website customer service staff in receiving customer inquiries, the need to detail the customer's custom needs, receive customer samples, and consult the custom deadline and custom requirements (detail size and material requirements), customer telephone consultation Determine the furniture style that you want, and choose the style of the sofa that will be customized according to the style that the customer wants. The designer designs the scheme according to the dimensions provided by the client, and designs the furniture style according to the decoration style. Through the combination of existing elements, the favorite materials, fabrics, styles, and styles are re-integrated into new works by professional designers. Can also be copied through the original, according to furniture pictures, make realistic appearance. After the customer agrees with the plan, the designed drawing will be submitted to the factory as an order plan. The plan includes information on selected fabric swatches, renderings, and three views.

 2, the program validation, the designer free onsite measurement, the specific determination of furniture size, style, style, color, three days restaurant sofa out pictures and quotes. After the customer determines the furniture drawing, determines the furniture quantity, quotation, and production details and confirms it, the designer measures the site at once, checks the details of the furniture on the spot with the drawings, and signs the furniture custom contract. At the same time when signing the contract, the customer's furniture is customized. % deposit or full payment. The factory has professional designers and drawing plan review technicians. They analyze the customization requirements provided by the customer, consider the feasibility of the program from the aspects of ergonomics, convenience and fashion trends, and finally pass the audit.

3, under the production of orders, in the production process and maintain customer communication. During the production of the sofa in the dining room to the semi-finished product, the customer is asked to confirm his furniture. (Problem can be modified at this time) Confirm the swatches to carry out the painting process. Then the factory develops a customized bill of materials—a list of raw materials, a list of hardware accessories, a list of outsourced spare parts, and so on. This work is decomposed by professional staff or computer systems after the program is validated. This is to ensure the overall product plan. Smooth implementation of the necessary prerequisites.

4, data equipment - other process documents - installation schematics, packaging solutions, parts processing process, product instructions. The main contents of the parts processing flow sheet should include names, specifications, quantities, materials, batches, processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, processes, and serial numbers.

 5. Inspection Standards - Professional Production - After the previous steps have been completed, all the documents required for the process/order are prepared and submitted to the appropriate production department for cutting, punching, edge sealing, etc. According to the different products, the processes are also different. Simpler components may only need one or two processes to complete. For example, the drawer bottom plate only needs to be cut, but it may require more than ten ways compared to the complicated components. Processes, such as some American-style custom furniture. .

 6. After the paint is finished, it is placed in the warehouse for flavoring, and at the same time, let the customer confirm the final paint, confirm the correctness, and set the date for free delivery to the door (limited to Shanghai local, the field can be shipped through logistics), provide installation guide drawings, List. And do the first time furniture cleaning, clearing the end.