Talking about the method of placing office furniture in the office

- Apr 11, 2018-

In general, many people will ignore the office furniture. I do not know, the placement of office furniture is an extremely important and extremely exquisite thing. In a certain degree, office furniture can not only create an extremely unique sense of space, but also enable the entire space to achieve a harmonious atmosphere.

First, Boss desk placement

Boss is the highest leader and decision maker in a company. Therefore, the boss's desk is extremely serious. Experts believe that the leader’s desk should be placed in the northwest direction. Try to use golden and white as the main colors and square ornaments as the main theme, with a little black and grey tone to create a more serious atmosphere.

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Second, the placement of ordinary staff desks

The ideal location for the general staff's desk is the location of the window. Its location is full of sunshine, and the back of the desk is usually against the wall, and the window is next to it. Therefore, it is not only well-lighted and well-ventilated but also can see the beautiful scenery outside through the window. In this situation, the enthusiasm of employees is extremely high.

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Third, the desk placed taboo

1. The desk cannot be set under the beam, it is best to sit against the water.

2. The color of the desk should be combined with indoor light and depth.

3. The desk cannot face the bathroom door.

4. The desk should be moderate, not too small.

5. The desk is not allowed to sit on the back door.

6. Avoid the desk next to the walkway.


Note: If there is a cover in the office, such as a light-blocking glass, it will look very dark and gloomy. However, if the office’s light is too bright, it can easily cause eye fatigue and distract people’s attention. The entire decoration of the office is not coordinated.