Standard size for Sofa

- Apr 06, 2018-

The sofa can be regarded as the soul of the living room. It occupies most of the living room space and plays a crucial role in the overall style. And many consumers in the process of buying a sofa, aiming at the brand, optimistic about the style, the material of the fabric, patterns, etc. are also very desirable, that is, in size is not allowed to be accurate, afraid to choose a big look the entire living room The space is cramped, the election is small and the worry is not showing the atmosphere, and the guests may not sit well enough to come. So how do you determine the size of the sofa?

Chair size:760mmX760mm,max 810mmX810mm is enought

3 seats sofa: 1750-1980mm,Many people like the import sofas. It should be noted that the size of such sofas is generally 900mm×900mm. Putting them in the living room will often make the living room looks small.

Many people like corner sofas. The corner should be a few corners. The size is also 760mmX760mm. If a corner is made into a sofa, the person sitting will take up the next position while sitting uncomfortably because his feet are placed at a right angle. To sit comfortably at corners, the size of the corner sofa should be 1020mmX1020mm. The highest position of the seat should be 400mm, and then tilt down at an inclination of 6°. The seat depth is about 530mm (according to ergonomic principles, it can't be too deep, it can't sit too deep, and the foreign sofa with 1000mmx1070mm 

The armrest height is 560-600mm

The size of the coffee table is generally 1070mm x 600mm and the height is 400mm, that is, the height of the flat sofa seat.