Special purpose MDF

- Jul 07, 2018-

High Density Fibreboard (HDF) : mainly used by flooring manufacturers and with densities of 780 kg/m3 – 850 kg/m3 or higher. Typically HDF panels also adhere to moisture resistant standards.

High Moisture Resistant (HMR) : this base panel, either in V-313 or HMR standard, is for applications in moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchen. We supply the base panels as well as the laminated panels with the moisture resistance resin in its core.

Routing grade : Certain applications of deep routering, need MDF with a density profile tailored to make sophisticated designs or shapes. Mainly European manufacturers will supply these grades.

Profiling grade : the production of mouldings, architraves and skirtings need higher density material, but with very special sizes and density to allow for effective machining. We are able to provide multiple sources for these products.

Fire Retardant MDF : This MDF is particularly used in door applications and will adhere to the latest standards, depending on the country of origination.