Some guidelines for pedicure sofa purchase

- Jun 06, 2018-

With the rapid development of the sauna and bathing industry, bath sauna sauna sofa manufacturers have also been established one after another. The quality of products and the appearance of the products have been uneven. They have been dazzled by the customers during the purchase process. In order to enable you to purchase a satisfactory product with good value for money, here are some foot sofa selection guides for your reference:

Remember that there are very few companies in the world that are losing money and doing business. There are no good things because they are not cheap because no one does business without making money! If the price is low to a certain extent, producers must cut corners and materials, and the product will be greatly reduced in life and comfort. In case of product damage, its after-sales service will be a problem, which will bring unforeseen losses to your follow-up operations! There is only one exception, that is, for powerful companies, they will start the market with high-quality products at a low price (sometimes even lower than the cost price) during the start-up period. At this time, you may save a lot of money and buy a satisfactory product, but You must first investigate the size of the company and the time it was incorporated, otherwise it will be taken over!

Although there are many products available, there are still rules to follow. The following questions are for your reference. Modeling, color: According to your store size and decoration style, you can make a general selection with the designers of the manufacturers of products to determine the shape of the sofa and the main colors.

Structure, principle: According to your financial situation and the local trend, you can make a general positioning on the price of the sofa: from the structural principle (mainly the backrest, the base of the sport model), the current market, the popular sofa varieties Automatic, Pneumatic, Electric, Dual Electric, Electronically Controlled, Stepless, etc. (Of course there is manual, because of its handling and structural parts life problems have now been eliminated), the price of the first two is lower, electric The price is centered, and the price of double electric and electronically controlled stepless is the highest. When you make an inquiry, be sure to ask for a comparison.

As for the fabrics, their types of weave are different. The fabrics for the foot sofa currently popular in the market are generally divided into two categories: flocked fabrics and composite printed fabrics, the former being of higher price. In addition, the color of the fabric is also very large, and it is impossible to cover it in the general manufacturer's product display, but it may be used with the best or already used by other customers for reference. Fabric selection is also a factor in price. Regarding the sponge, the sponge is the most important part of the sofa. In general, different parts of the sofa should use sponges of different properties, thickness, and density. Fundamentally speaking, sponges are petroleum products. The current rise in oil prices is also a major factor in the increase of production costs. Therefore, if the sofa finished product price is too low, its thickness and density in the sponge must be greatly reduced, the former will bring comfort problems, the latter will bring the problem of life (density is too low, the sofa base does not occur more than six months Deformation).


 Wood, steel: As for wood, most of the sauna sofas are made of wood and multi-layer plywood. The key to quality is the cross-section size and shape of the wood (too fine and slats, if used, will affect the lifespan and firmness, which is also the key to cost. One), the thickness of the multilayer board. As far as China is concerned, the per capita forest tree share ranks the lowest in the world, and the wood is almost non-renewable resources. The country adopts fixed-quota mining. Except for special (such as flooring), the market is mainly based on imported timber. Therefore, the production plant may also be discounted in this regard.

Due to the fact that sauna sofas are all soft packs (there are no leaks of wood), unless otherwise specified, generally speaking, the wood is not planed and the multi-layer plywood is not veneered.

With respect to steel, the biggest difference between using sofas and civilian sofas and office sofas is that sofas need to be changed at various angles when they are used. Therefore, steel must be used as the main structural frame. Due to the increase in raw material prices, attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s discount on steel thickness or lack of steel frames. structure. Due to different methods of use, users of the pedicure sofa mostly wear yukatas. At this time, the sensitivity of human feelings is much higher than that of civilian and office sofas. Therefore, in order to improve comfort, most sofas are rubberized on the basis of sponges. With ribs, serpentine springs, cloud cotton, multi-dimensional fluffy cotton and other materials (except for special shapes), this is one of the reasons for the different cost components.