Solid wood table and chair maintenance method

- Aug 17, 2018-

Restaurant tables and chairs are generally made of solid wood. Since natural wood is a constantly breathing organism, it must be placed in a temperature and humidity environment. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance are essential for solid wood tables and chairs, and it is very important.

Keep moist

The moisturizing of the solid wood table and chair can not be provided by moisture, that is to say, it can not be wiped easily with a wet rag, but should be selected with professional furniture care essential oil, which contains natural orange oil which is easily absorbed by wood fiber and can be locked. The moisture in the wood prevents the wood from cracking and deforming, and nourishes the wood. It reproduces the brilliance of the wooden furniture from the inside to the outside, prolonging the service life of the restaurant tables and chairs.

Avoid direct sunlight

If the delicate solid wood table and chair has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade and affect the gloss and appearance. The wood is too dry and prone to cracks.

Prevent dust

Generally, the high-grade log restaurant tables and chairs made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. are decorated with exquisite carvings. If you can't clean the ash regularly, the crevices in the small gaps will easily affect the appearance, while the dust will make the wood. Tables and chairs quickly become old killers.

Regular waxing

Every 3 months, a layer of wax for the furniture. Before using the glazing wax in the furniture, check if the surface of the lacquer is intact. For newer solid wood furniture, first wipe the surface with a fine cotton cloth, then use a small piece of cotton cloth to spread a large amount of glazing wax, then use a large piece of dry cloth to wipe the wax in a circular block. Uniform, with no traces as a standard.