Solid wood furniture maintenance knowledge - safety matters

- Jul 18, 2018-

Solid wood furniture maintenance knowledge - safety matters

1. Solid wood furniture should be vacant for a period of time (about 20 days) before use. The room must maintain a certain air circulation to eliminate the residual odor in the paint and adhesive.


2. During the transportation process, please keep the product upright, do not invert the product; glass, mirror, etc. need to be packaged in the box and placed in the box.


3, pay attention to the orientation of the product, do not approach the fire source or wet the wall. It should be placed in the air circulation, relatively dry, to prevent mildew and degumming of the data; prevent direct sunlight and close to the heating, prevent data deformation, cracking, paint bursting, bubbling, fading.


4. Do not place heavy objects on top of non-load-bearing furniture. Do not use furniture as a climbing ladder.


5. Do not place irons, soldering irons, electric water cups, gasoline, rubber water and chemical liquids on the product. It is not advisable to hang clothes and articles on the door of solid wood furniture.


6, to prevent bumps and hard objects scratched, especially to remind children not to play close to the furniture sharp corners, mirrors, glass, and other furniture closer to prevent accidental bruises.


7. Place objects smoothly, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the furniture, and items stored in cabinet furniture should not be opened or closed.


8. When placing furniture, the floor should be flat, to prevent the deformation of the door panel from affecting the flexibility of the lock and hinge.


9. The foot is made of metal parts, and a protective pad should be placed between the floor to prevent scratching and crushing the floor.


10. Always check all kinds of screws and moving parts, and find that the looseness is tightened or locked in time.


11. When moving furniture, the objects in the cabinet should be removed, and the doors and drawers should be sealed; the tilting parts of the furniture should be prevented from slipping and hurting people. When moving, avoid hard pushing and pushing, and lift the furniture to prevent loosening, cracking and floor drawing. Contact your dealer if necessary.


12, furniture should always remove dust, adhere to clean, reduce the damage of bacterial mosquitoes.


13. If there is any unclear in the process of using the furniture, you can contact the manufacturer or the seller.

Solid wood furniture is usually protected:

1. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent and dry with a clean cotton cloth.


2, to prevent the use of metal brushes, hard brush, rough cloth or wet cloth to wipe the appearance of the paint and mirror, glass. Prevent contact with acids, alkaline chemicals and greasy substances.


3, to prevent hitting and high temperature blanching.


4. When the wooden furniture is used in a relatively boring environment, manual humidification is required.