Soft Wall Bags - Learn More about Wall Soft Cases

- Jun 15, 2018-

First, the wall soft pack construction preparation

1, material requirements:

1.1 The tree species, specifications, grades, moisture content, and anti-corrosion treatment of soft-clad wooden frames, keels, floors, panels, etc., must meet the requirements of the design drawings and the "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Timber Structure Engineering" (GBJ206-3). .

1.2 Soft fabrics and other filling materials must meet the design requirements, and should comply with the relevant provisions of the interior decoration design fire protection.

1.3 The aggregate is generally made of red-and-white pine drying material. The moisture content is not more than 12%. The thickness should be based on the design requirements. There shall be no rot, knot, chapped, twisted, etc., and be pretreated with antiseptic.

1.4 Panels are generally made of plywood (pentar panel) with a thickness of not less than 3mm. The color and pattern should be as similar as possible. When the panel is used as a panel, the hardwood such as red and white pine, oak, and ash, etc. is generally used for drying. Not more than 12%. The thickness is not less than 20mm, and the texture is required to be straight, uniform in color, and the pattern is similar, and no fringes are allowed. Distortion, cracks, discoloration, etc.

1.5 The fabrics used in the outer trim, such as beading, framed wood, and wood surface, are generally made of semi-finished products that are processed by the factory. The moisture content is not more than 12%, and the thickness should be based on the design requirements and the appearance of good materials; Pre-preserved.

1.6 Accessories include moisture-proof paper or linoleum, latex, nails (nail length should be 2 to 2.5 times thicker), wood screws, wood sandpaper, sodium fluoride (purity should be above 75%, free hydrogen fluoride, it's Viscosity should be able to pass No. 120 sieve) or petroleum asphalt (usually No. 10, No. 30 construction petroleum asphalt).

1.7 If the design is to adopt a lightweight partition method, its base layer, surface layer and other filler materials must meet the design requirements and supporting use.

1.8 Overlay materials and practices must meet the requirements of the design drawings and comply with the relevant provisions of the interior decoration fire protection design.

2, the main equipment:

2.1 Woodworking Table, Chainsaw, Electric Planer, Impact Drill, Pistol Drill, Cut, Cut Fabric Cloth, Leather Workbench, Steel Ruler (1m Long), Cut Knife, Towel, Plastic Bucket, Plastic Washbasin, Oiler Scraper, small roller, knife, brush, brush pen, cloth or cotton, sandpaper, long tape measure, box ruler, hammer, wood chisels of various shapes, wire saw, aluminum level ruler, square ruler, multi-tool, Lines of powder packets, ink fountains, white lines, gongs, pallets, line pendants, red pencils, tool bags, etc.

3, operating conditions:

3.1 The plastering of concrete and walls has been completed. The base layer has been laid according to the design requirements. The cement mortar leveling layer has been wiped and brushed cold base oil, and after drying, the moisture content is not more than 8%; wood products The moisture content must not exceed 12%.

3.2 Hydropower and equipment, reserved on the top wall The embedded parts have been completed.

3.3 The ceiling sub-project in the room is basically completed and meets the design requirements.

3.5 The wooden retaining wall and the fine wood trim floor in the room have been basically completed and meet the design requirements.

3.6 Technical indicators and quality requirements should be emphasized when constructing technical personnel. Before large-scale construction. Should be done between the model, the quality inspection department after passing the qualification, before the organization of the team construction.


Second, the wall soft bag operation process

1. Process flow: Base or floor treatment → Hang straight, set squares, find rules, elastic line → Calculate materials, cut fabrics → Paste fabrics → Install face or trim edges, brush trim paint → Softwall principle On the floor in the room, the interior decoration of the ceiling has been basically completed, the wall and the wood floor finish, and the surface is finished.

During the renovation of the floor, soft wall inserts will be inserted to decorate and install the project.

2, base or floor treatment: Where do soft wall decoration of the room base, mostly pre-embedded in the structure of wooden bricks, wipe the leveling layer of cement mortar, brush spray cold base oil. Paved with a felt and oil damp proof layer, installed 50mm x 50mm wooden wall ribs (with a center distance of 450mm), and topped with five plywood, as shown in Figure 9-25. This base layer or floor is actually the standard practice for this room. If direct paving method is adopted, the grass-roots level must seriously deal with it by first filling the bottom plate with oily putty and full-scraping ~ 2 times. After the putty is dried, it is ground with sandpaper and before the paste is applied on the surface of the base layer. Full brush oil (varnish + banana water) together. If there is a filling layer, this procedure can be simplified.

3, hanging straight, set side, find rules, line: According to the design drawings, the room needs soft wall decoration size, shape, etc. by hanging straight, sets of prescriptions, find rules, bombs and other processes, the actual The size and shape of the design are implemented on the wall.

4. Calculation of materials, sleeves, fillers, and fabrics: First, according to the requirements of the design drawings, determine the specific practices of the soft wall. There are two general methods. First, direct paving method (this method is relatively simple operation, but the higher the flatness of the grass-roots or baseboard), the second is the item system paving mosaic method, this method has a certain degree of difficulty, the required must Horizontal and vertical, must not be skewed, dimensions must be accurate and so on. Placing a positioning mark is necessary to facilitate the registration. Then according to the design requirements for material calculations and the bottom of the village (filling

Material), fabric sizing work. Note that in the same room, the same pattern, and the fabric must be cut with the same roll of material and the same part (with filler).

5, paste the fabric: If you take the direct paving method construction, should be basically completed the wall fine wood decoration, border paint to achieve living conditions, can paste the fabric; if you take the prefabricated paving mosaic method, without this limitation, Paste fabric work in advance. First, according to the requirements of the design drawings and modeling, paste the filler (such as foam plastic, polystyrene board or mineral wool, wood strip, pentathronous board, etc.), according to design materials (adhesive glue, nails, wood screws, anodized aluminum cap Head nails, copper wires, etc.) Fix the filler mat on the prefabricated tile-inlaid bottom plate, and then place the fabric up and down according to the positioning mark. First place the upper part with a wooden bar and nails to temporarily fix it, and then put the lower end and the second one. After finding the side position, you can paste the fabric according to the design requirements.

6, install the face or decorative edge: According to the design choice and processing of good face or decorative edge, according to the design requirements of the first brush the paint (to meet the conditions of living), can be pre-prepared paving mosaic decorative panels After the installation work, after the test has been completed to meet the design requirements and effects, it can be fixed and installed on the grass-roots level or on the decorative sideline.

7. Renovation of soft wall: If the soft wall construction is arranged behind, the work of repairing the soft wall is relatively simple. If the construction is inserted earlier, due to the increase of the finished protective film, the trimming workload is large; for example, the increase Dust cleaning, nail adhesion protection film nail eyes and glue marks processing.