Sofa terminology

- Jun 08, 2018-

1. Sofa size

  1.1 The depth of the sofa is the width of the sofa and the height of the sofa is the same height as the sofa.

  1.2 The dimensions of the sofa product are ‘1800×1000×680’, 1800 is the length of the sofa, 1000 is the width of the sofa (ie the deep dimension), and 680 is the height of the sofa.

  1.3 When the sofa frame is divided, it is divided by the size of the armrest.

2. Sofa area

   2.1 The left and right handrails of the sofa and the lying position are set on the sofa.

   2.2 The back of the sofa frame is 'behind', the front side is 'back front', the left and right outer side is 'outside the armrest', the left and right inside is 'inside the armrest', the front side armrest is 'armrest front face', and the front side frame is For 'seat', the upper back is 'back on the bar' and the upper handrail is 'arm bar'.

   2.3 The sofa is equipped with cushions and trimmings. The backpacks with enclosures are 'big packs', and the two fabric pockets are 'big packs'. The armrests with enclosures are 'armrest pads', two pieces. Clothed handrails are 'pockets', and trimmed trims are 'little's'. Two trims are 'pockets'. :

   2.4 The sofa reclining arm rests outside the seat cushion as 'outside armrest' and inside the seat cushion as 'inner armrest'.

   2.5 When the armrests are not flush with the bottom frame, the armrests are called ‘snagged armrests’ when the armrests are flush with the bottom frame.

3. Sofa specifications

  3.1 Sample size The sofa specification names are marked according to the template.

  3.2 Custom-sized sofas are 1.3m in length for single-person positions, 1.3-1.79m for two-person positions, and 1.8-2.3m in length for three positions.

4. Sofa color.

  4.1 The color of the sofa's main body is interpreted as the color of the 'sofa frame'.

  4.2 'The color of the sofa's spare cover' is interpreted as 'the color of the sofa is custom-made for another coat'.

5. Sofa shape

  5.1 The sofa cushion is called the "seat sofa", and the sofa cushion and the frame are called "death sofa". ;

  5.2 Armless sofas are called "single back sofas".