Sofa's process structure and production

- Jun 14, 2018-

First, woodworking technology

1. Raw material composition

a. The frame is divided into raw materials and consists mainly of solid wood and fibreboard.

b. The solid wood is made of high quality fresh fresh dried birch in the northeast, after fumigation and baking. After the rebound, the moisture content is controlled within 12%. It is not easy to deform, rot and infestation. The characteristics of white birch are hard materials. The nail holding power is strong, and the rigidity of the wood frame is much higher than that of the pine wood frame. The cost is higher. , is the ideal wood for sofas. The main part of the wooden frame was made of white birch.

c. Fiberboard: The use of domestic high-quality fiberboard, its quality in line with national industry standards, in the impact resistance, waterproof and environmental protection, etc. have been tested by the relevant national testing agencies qualified, in the wooden frame to play a supporting role.

2. Process structure

a. Solid wood is treated with four sides of light before assembly, and each frame is a handicraft.

b. In order to perfect the construction and the reinforcement frame, each joint of the frame is positioned using a fully and precisely cut wooden tripod and secured with glue and screws at the highest endurance.

c. Use Taiwan's high-quality nail guns to ensure the firmness of each interface.

Second, the completion process

1, raw material composition

a. Sponge: According to the density, it is generally divided into medium density and high density. The unit of density is g/cm3. It is a main indicator of sponge. But the direct sense of the sponge gives it its elasticity and softness. Therefore, the sponge can be high rebound and low rebound, hard, soft, super soft points, according to the sofa parts, choose different density. Different soft sponges, but high quality sponges are generally highly resilient. The sponge of Auchan Jintonghui sofa is provided by the best sponge manufacturers in China, and it should be in the leading position among peers in the resilience, softness and durability of the sofa.

b. Feather: Filler used in the back and waist pad, after high temperature rinsing and pest control treatment, characterized by good comfort and texture. There is a sense of being contained on the back pad.

c. Bandage: A 5cm wide bandage is used inside the sofa. The adhesive ratio is 1:27, the stretching strength exceeds 50,000 times, and the anti-aging performance and high temperature resistance are widely used in sofas.

2, process structure

a. The frame is covered with a layer of 1-2cm thick sponge, and then the surface is tightly adhered with a layer of cloth to minimize the friction of the fabric and the frame.

b. Use Taiwan's high-quality nail guns to ensure the firmness of important parts such as bandages.

Third, the sewing process

1. Fabric types: European imports and domestic joint venture fabrics are our main choices. Regardless of the color fastness and wear resistance, the weight is better than the national industry standard (300 g/m2)

2. Taiwan's electric high-speed sewing machine is used for surface sewing. All employees are professionally trained and their pins are even and even. Each piece of fabric is treated with a small edge.

Fourth, accessories

1. Zipper: After careful selection by our professional technicians from many manufacturers, the exclusive zipper with Cuddle ensures that the customer will pull smooth and hard to damage the zipper when cleaning the jacket.

2. Ground feet: Using standard hardware, zinc/chromium rust-proof treatment overcomes the common rust of common hardware. There are rubber or nylon rubber pads on the bottom to protect the floor. All hardware is supplied by regular manufacturers in the domestic industry.

3. Hardware accessories: professional manufacturer fixed mold production, raw materials polished after chrome plating, good brightness, wear resistance, all electroplating accessories for environmental protection plating, do not use plating solution containing cyanide compounds.

Purchase instructions

The interpretation of the sofa in the narrow sense is indeed an art. It requires us to grasp many small aspects. As a result, we propose three principles and eight items to our customers and professional marketers.

One, three principles

1. Harmony

The sofa should be harmoniously coordinated with the room's overall decoration style, color, and size.

2. Naturally

The sofa is made of natural materials. The fabric of the fabric sofa should be made of cotton as much as possible to ensure its comfort and durability. The material of the frame is most often wood, and modern metal frames are also becoming popular.

3. Comfort first

To sit comfortably, all dimensions of the sofa should meet ergonomic requirements.

a. The width of the front seat of the single sofa is ≥ 480mm;

b. Sofa seat depth: 480 ~ 600mm;

c. Sofa seat height: between 360mm and 440mm;

d. Handrail height ≤ 250mm;

e. Sofa back height: 680 ~ 720mm is the best suitable;

f. Sofa backrest slope: 92 ~ 98 degrees better.

Second, eight items of attention

1. Pay attention to the selection of sofa fabrics and colors;

2. Pay attention to the structure (strength and rigidity) of the sofa;

3. Pay attention to whether the material of the sofa is normally dry, and whether there is mildew or deformation;

4. Pay attention to whether the size, height and length of the armrests of the sofa are the same;

5. Observe whether the color of the fabric is as bright as new, whether it is detached or scratched, and whether the exposed parts have any burrs, sharp corners, imaginary edges and tooth gaps;

6. When pushing the sofa, the height of the foot is the same and the screws are good;

7. The back cushion is moderately soft and hard, and there should be no metal friction and other abnormal sound when the empty hand presses forcefully on the surface;

8. Metal fittings and springs inside and outside the sofa must not rust.