Sofa-made benefits

- May 19, 2018-

The benefits of tailor-made sofas are mainly to allow sofa manufacturers to customize according to their needs. In this pursuit of individuality and unique social atmosphere, "private customization" seems to be able to make the development path of hotels, clubs and other places go even further. So, what are the benefits of custom-made sofas? Next Xiaobian brings everyone together to understand it.

Benefit one: quality is guaranteed, must be used with confidence

   Custom-made sofa materials are often selected according to our own requirements, so that you can completely avoid some black heart factories cut corners, steal posts, can not help. It is worth noting that since all materials are made by ourselves, we must do our homework on all kinds of sofa materials before we can order.

Benefits II: Tailor made, greatly increase the space utilization rate

    In a site with a good location, rent accounts for the highest proportion in our cost budget. Therefore, in furniture layout, how to make full use of space and not waste resources has become a very important issue. Maximize the utilization rate in a limited space, especially in an irregular area of a site, only the customized sofa can be fully satisfied, save land, and increase the space utilization rate.

Benefits 3: Mass production, price-benefit

   Mass-customized sofas can generally reduce sofa production costs. Only a set of sofas will inevitably cause material waste, and the wasted material will be calculated into the budget. If it is done in batches, the waste of materials will be much less. So the cost of the sofa will naturally be reduced.