Sofa category level common classification

- Dec 28, 2017-

Ordinary sofa: is a common family sofa. Most of the sales on the market for such sofas. It has two support points to support the user's lumbar, thoracic vertebra, can get the effect of matching with the body back. The angle between the back of the sofa and the seat is crucial. If the angle is too large or too small, the user's abdominal muscles will be strong and fatigue will result. Similarly, the width of the sofa seat surface should not be too large, usually within the standard requirements of 540 mm, so the user's calf can be adjusted sitting, rest more comfortable.

The sofa is already a must-have for many families. Sales of the sofa on the market generally have low-back sofa, high-back sofa and between the first two ordinary sofa three. Here are three features introduced for consumers to choose to buy.

Low back sofa: a rest type of portable chair. It is a support point to support the user's waist (lumbar) This sofa backrest height is low, generally about 370 mm from the seat surface, the angle of the backrest is also smaller, not only conducive to rest, but also the entire sofa peripheral dimensions corresponding Shrink. This sofa move more convenient, lightweight, small footprint.