Sofa bed purchase knowledge

- Jun 12, 2018-

1. Choose a soft and breathable sofa fabric.

There are three kinds of fabrics for the sofa bed: cotton, cotton, cotton and polyester, and the highest comfort is cotton fabrics, which have good softness and excellent air permeability. Cotton and linen fabrics are common, cotton and polyester fabrics are tightly bound and can be used for longer periods of time.

2. Select the native high-elastic sponge pad.

The sponge pad is an important part of the sofa bed and determines the effect of use. Some lower-priced sofa beds use recycled sponges, which are easily broken into pellets and are not durable. Therefore, when buying, it is best to ask the merchant, whether it belongs to the original foam high-elastic sponge, it is difficult to distinguish, it is recommended to buy a well-known brand product quality is more guaranteed.

3. Choose a humanized design.

When the public purchases, it is best to lie down on the sofa bed for a few minutes to feel the support of the sponge pad to the curve of the neck and waist, and check whether the support foot or the spring will make a sound when turning over. If the sound is too loud, the design is flawed .