Sofa and wall color with knowledge

- Jun 14, 2018-

Proposal 1: Space is the leading role

Ask yourself first, what kind of feeling do you want? Think about space first and then choose furniture. With space colors as the main color, jewelry is only embellished.

The whole set of sofas and walls are coordinated colors, the living room is large, and the color of the whole set of sofas can be bold.

Want to have the focus, with a special shape and color of the single chair to jump out.

Harmonious color

The combination of a single color and a similar color system has a sense of coordination, but the space tends to be monotonous and lifeless.

For example, the walls are light blue, the sofas are available in dark blue, and the pillows use contrasting oranges or conflicting red or multicolored patterns. It's best to add a pot of green tree pots. Earth color never fails because it comes from nature.

Home is a color sofa, then remove the color from the cloth as a wall.

Rhythmic contrast color

Contrast color jump, red wall green sofa, emphasizing the shape of the sofa, very jump but easy to see tired, general recommendations can not be used, can only be used in key areas.

The warm colors of orange, red, and yellow, in contrast with the blue, green, and purple cold colors, match each other, and besides being distinctive, they can also have a sense of rhythm. The same set of blue sofas produce different feelings in the background of a white wall or an orange or yellow wall. Blue and yellow can be reconciled with a medium green.

The wall and the sofa are the same color or similar colors, you can choose the contrast color pillow to jump color.