Six ways to teach you to buy a hotel sofa

- Jun 02, 2018-

1, before the purchase of hotel sofa, choose consumer satisfaction or quality service reliable home market, to shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. The

2, the choice of style to grasp: According to their own hobbies, to determine the color and basic shape, the style of the hotel sofa must be the same; fixed scale: according to the size of the living room and the configuration of indoor objects to meet the main function of the main, determine the hotel The number and size of sofas;

3, the technology directly affects the beauty of the hotel sofa: the exquisite or refined production process is directly related to the quality and beauty of the hotel sofa.

4, the material should look carefully: the wood as the main object: first understand the degree of its wet and dry, and then see whether there is cracking, discoloration, decay and damage to the strength of the components of the thrift; to plywood, MDF, particle board as the main Component: Mainly to see whether it has layered cracking and partial bulging phenomenon, whether the surface has bubbling, uneven or other defects, and whether the end seal is firm and appropriate.

5.Environmental protection is a must-do: When buying a hotel sofa, be careful not to buy a stimulating hotel sofa. If you feel hot eyes and sloppy pods, it may indicate that harmful substances may exceed the standard. These harmful and toxic substances can be stored for a long time. And released through the edge of the hotel's sofa, it is very irritating to people's eyes, nose, throat, etc. The long-term exposure can cause chronic poisoning.

6, see the user manual: Since 2005, the national mandatory standards "consumer use instructions a part 6: hotel sofa" formally implemented, the "standard" provides that the future hotel sofa products must have instructions for use, and the use of the instructions Contents include: product certification, product name, use of environmental conditions, production site, materials, use, maintenance, variety, specifications.