Furniture maintenance

- Jan 20, 2018-

       In daily life , we all need to maintain furnitures in order to keep them glossy . As we all know, some wrong maintenance methods can make furnitures keep clean for a period of time ,   but  actually make some  tangible and invisible damage to furnitures . confronting this ,   we may need to have enough furniture maintenance knowledge .  only in this way, furniture can be durable for a long time .  let's take a look at some furniture maintain knowledge . 

         Furniture maintenance 1: Dust removal

         Always wipe the dust off the furniture surface with soft cotton cloth along the grain direction of the wood.Before wipping , you should dip some detergent on the soft cloth, and be careful not to wipe it with dry cloth to avoid scratching the surface.After a period of time, use a piece of  wet cotton to wipe the body of the wood furniture  carefully and  then wipe  with clean dry soft cotton cloth.It can also be wiped out with a thin layer of high-quality light wax, which not only maintains the wood furniture, but also increases its brightness.

         Furniture maintenance 2: Cleaning

         In order to remove the contaminant of furniture surface and the trace of lampblack and so on,  special furniture cleanser is advised , this also can help remove redundant wax.

        Furniture maintenance 3: Waxing

        Applying a small amount of polish on the cloth  is very fast , but it is often necessary to dust the furniture twice.Oil attracts dust, not resisits dust.So the furniture will soon become covered with dust once the oil has become glossy as a result of oil . And a lot of dust can be combined with oil, making  furnitures  become extremely difficult to clean, but easy to appear scratches.In some ways, liquid wax is better than polishing oil. They can create a layer of protection on the wood's surface that causes the dust to slip away rather than stick, but it does not last as long as the wax.

        Furniture maintenance 4: Fixing small scratches

       For veneer furniture and solid wood furniture, it's very simple to fix them: just buy a wax strip in your local store and try to choose the color that matches your wood best.As long as you paint the scratch, your work will be done.Wax will help protect your furniture from all kinds of attacks, and its color can hide scratches.

       Furniture maintenance 5: Water mark treatment

      Water marks usually take a while to vanish .  If it still can be seen  after a month, please use a clean soft cloth with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise to wipe the grain in the direction of the water mark. Or with wet cloth covered on the mark, then use the electric iron to carefully press the wet cloth several times, the imprint can be diluted.