Simple office furniture customization can ease office fatigue

- Jun 27, 2018-

Often due to physical and mental stress caused by the busy operation, although it is sitting at the work table to work, but the sense of fatigue still exists, this time you should think that the work will not be caused by the specific. Sit and work are tired, it must be your chair is not comfortable, or your work station planning is not humane, to ease the pressure on the work of precision-driven furniture, why do you say so? Then you have to talk about the performance of fine and flexible planning.

1. Simpler structure work is easier

As for the work table, it should not be too big or too cluttered to plan. The modern work space and the emphasis on the use of refined work furniture are not only for the control of capital, but also for the deployment of styles, and more consideration is given to the ease of use. Sex, no more action. The simple style does not bring visual fatigue and stress, which helps the gathering of energy.

2. More flexible deployment of activities

The maneuverability of the work chair is very important, and there may be many people still sitting chair is still fixed, such a chair for a long time is easier to have a sense of fatigue, and the mobile work chair can freely lift, rotate, skew Backrest and sliding position, these functions can provide a more comfortable work experience, and greatly reduce the fatigue caused by sedentary.

3. The fineness of color can better regulate physical and mental

Work furniture should be planned in terms of color, color, light color, or bright color to create a space style that is suitable for work, and provide a more outstanding working atmosphere. It will be small.