Several misunderstandings of custom office furniture

- Jun 23, 2018-

Following the rejuvenation and diversification of the furniture market, the “private customization” furniture has become a “dark horse” for the homework. More and more people like to customize it, but they tend to fall into the blind. Looking for the effect of customized features, neglecting some of the applications and follow-up issues, today we will analyze several misunderstandings in the planning and customization of the overall office furniture. Are you lying down?

Customization of office furniture = how to plan it?

Customization does not mean that it is arbitrary. It does not mean to think about what to do on a random basis. Today's customization refers generally to the user's choice of material, color, adjustment lines, planning space, decoration, hardware, etc., on the basis of the inherent craftsmanship. If the user has his own plan for the new style and meets the production conditions, it is different.

What are the requirements for custom office furniture?

We know that customized office homes have many benefits. The planner will come to the door and provide different plans based on customer needs and the size of the office. The office furniture factory will create office furniture and serve as distribution equipment according to the plan chosen by the customer. The planner can plan according to the layout and structure standards of different offices and can perfectly fit the structure of the work room, and can also make full use of space.

At present, the types of customized office furniture include conference tables, office tables, and screens. When selecting custom office furniture, the type and size of the customized office furniture product must be determined based on the office area. If the office area is limited, in the case of a large number of employees, space should be the main focus. If the work screens and table sets should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small, so that they will not appear to be congested.

It is often heard that some people complain that custom office furniture does not match the style of office decoration. In this regard, it is advisable to determine the style of office furniture before decorating it in an office, and then to customize and purchase office furniture and sofas in accordance with this style, so as to avoid the onset of office furniture and office decoration styles. Others, many people choose to customize office furniture in addition to seeking features, but also want to save money. If the budget is limited, it is not necessary to do some unnecessary planning in order to seek characteristics, which constitutes unnecessary waste.

Custom office furniture should not be greedy and cheap, and some cheap appearances may not show any problems. However, after a period of time, furniture materials, workmanship, and accessories may affect the practical application. All, advocated in the choice of custom office furniture, according to their own practical needs to make a good budget, shop around, after all, determine the products to be ordered.

Although custom office furniture meets the requirements of characterization, there are also many problems. To avoid the onset of these problems, inspection is very important. You can see whether the appearance of the paint film is smooth, bright, with or without falling, bubbles, wrinkles and other quality defects, but also depends on whether the color difference of the decorative panel is large, whether the stripes are together, there is no corrosion point, broken residue, etc., all kinds of artificial board components Whether the edge-sealing treatment is straight, with or without degumming, and whether the appearance is smooth and bumpy. In addition, it is necessary to inquire about office furniture work, you can query from the combination of parts to see the rationality and robustness of the connection point between each component of office furniture.